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Anti-MC parking attendants

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by snuff3r, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Parked my bike at the entrance of a carpark this morning, at **** Hospital. The parking station attendant went off his face and told me to move it into the parking station or get it off hospital property. So, peeved, I put it in. Figured if I was paying for it I'm going to take a whole spot. Then he demands I move it to a non-spot. I told him to get farked, if he's making me pay then I'm taking a proper spot. He goes ballistic on me, mostly non-english, so I couldn't understand him, but very clear what he thought of motorcyclists. What a twat.

  2. I'd be going to the Hosp admin and telling all this to them, including how he wants you to pay full parking fees but make you park in a non parking spot!

    In NSW I enjoy parking in full spots if no 'bike parking' is available, when people complain I just say "well go see the local council and ask why motorbikes cant park on footpaths like in VIC"
  3. I've met Snuffer and he is a rather large, angry-looking man...
    I know he had important business to attend to, otherwise the parking attendant would probably be seeking a hospital for himself about now.
    Or at least a dentist...
  4. Good idea that...cruisin the Womens Hospital for sick & vulnerable fluff.
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  5. ;-)

    There's a sign on the window about violence and aggressive behaviour not being tolerated. I can see why it's there now...

    Well, when I'm not at the wife's bedside...
  6. Yeah, that bit's a little schizophrenic on his part. He wants you to park in a parking area, and then tells you not park in a parking area? (Mangling the words a bit, but for flippancy's sake that's what it comes down to)

    I agree about writing to the hospital administration about it. Motorcycles are expected to park one vehicle to a bay just like every other vehicle - we shouldn't even be parking 4-5 motorcycles to a single carspace, legally.

    I'd be hesitant to try to pull the 'footpath parking like VIC' thing at a Hospital though. Out of all the places in a city, the footpaths of a hospital are going to see a shit-tonne of traffic from disabled, injured, less-able, elderly, wheelchair-bound, etc pedestrians who find it hard enough to navigate without random pieces of street furniture and motorcycles blocking their paths.
  7. Last time I went to a hospital I took up a full spot AND on the way out I just rode round the boom gate. Just another of the fringe benefits of two wheels.
  8. My concern with that is security cameras may catch you leaving without paying. I only do it at my local shopping centre because the first three hours are free anyway.
  9. I do this at all carparks except in the CBD. I never stopped to think that there would be a camera watching. Oops.
  10. Yeah...the guys an idiot. On the way in, one can be a little distracted with the reasons for being there. Understandable.
    On the way out, assuming things inside gave you some peace, then i say that Guber, the attendent is worth a stern conversation. The tool needs to be put in his place. Grrr!
  11. They should change the sign to read "WARNING: The carpark attendant here is a dick. Please don't punch him, since we're the ones who have to patch him up again"
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  12. Yeah it would be more effective to maim him were he not so close to a hospital, it's no fun if the guy only has to drag his limp body 50 m to safety instead of several hundred kilometres...
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  13. what a fu/cking f/uck.
    screw him. he told you to put it in the parking bay, which was a dick move in itself, then he goes off at you for doing what he told you.
    when you pay the same amount for the parking spot as cars do, and take up the same amount of space as cars too.
    i would have told him to get farked as well.
  14. Good work for going off at him, for some reason it always surprises me that idiots with no power will explode in an apopleptic rage at you over things like this.

    I find that stopping what I'm doing and staring them down while I walk straight up to them generally calms them down considerably. Or, as you did, telling them to get fudged.

    Cheers - boingk
  15. As of 9.45pm thursday, I couldn't care less about some loser running a parking station. I have better things to worry about :]

  16. Aaawwwww.

    Congratulations. So, give us the details :)

    Now go and give the attendant some more stick (kidding).
  17. nice mate Congratulations good for you '' :)

    just wait till he/she is 18 and want's to borrow your bike . time flies

    all the best ..
  18. It's a girl. 3.07kg/48cm. Tiny little thing - quiet as a mouse.

    Complete opposite of her (now 6yo) brother who was a noisy one and was massive.

    My son has already demanded some rides. I'm assuming little miss will want the same as her older brother :]
  19. Congrats on the newborn mate!
  20. Congrats Snuffer, she's a real little cutie :)