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Anti Lock braking in Harley 2008 Model

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by aus_dragon, Jul 10, 2007.

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  2. I thought all Harleys had ABS....simply due to the fact their brakes aren't capable of locking a wheel :p :LOL:.
  3. Good to see H-D are just as worried about not spoiling the look as they are about providing a decent braking system. NO doubt ABS will fill up a few more pages of their accessory catalogue, although if you can't see it, what Harley owner would buy it.
  4. Aah, the sound of people repeating other people's opinions because they don't have a valid one of their own! :p
  5. Actually, I have a couple of friends who have gone from your average jap bike rider wearing all the safety gear, giving the bike a good thrashing etc, to become Harley owners who then spend thousands on their bike to make it look the part, and almost as much on genuine Harley riding gear (t-shirts, leather vests, fingerless gloves etc) which gives minimal protection, only to unplug the bike from its battery trickle charger once a month to ride down to the shops etc.
    I do have my own opinion (all be it a sarcastic one), but its these kind of people who bring it on. If you get out and use the bike as the manufacturer intended, then I have nothing but respect for you. Enjoy the 883, its a fun bike to ride.
  6. I'd love to buy an ABS bike. Still waiting for one I can afford.

    Someone got a cheap K1200S they wanna flog? ;)