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Anti-hoon laws bite in WA

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by hornet, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. 17? I bet mommy and daddy paid for the car... they'll be errmmm 'peeved' :)
  2. The Fast and the Furious really has a lot to answer for....people like this child really annoy me.
  3. Cool, another fatality delayed.
  4. Yeah, thats probably a much better way of looking at it... :oops:
  5. It's not just the F&F, every generation has had a movie that could be blamed for this behaviour, running on empty, cannonball run, hell even Grease had illegal drag racing in it.
    You've gotta remember that the F&F was made about an existing racing scene. It didn't create the street racing scene.
  6. True, I feel though this (Including me) generation has really grabbed hold of the americanised street raceing scene. I would love to go back in time 5years and take a census asking kids about neon lights, loud exhausts, spinning rims etc.
    Every generation wants to go fast, yes. But this one seems to be alot more riced, yes?
  7. They will never learn. They just take the risk and hope they dont get caught. Will our laws ever be tough enough :?
  8. More riced but before that it was the Holden and Ford V8's with mullets :LOL:

    Probably less hooning going on these days because they have the domfdomf to keep them busy in the carpark where they used to do donuts. And most of the cars are gutless 1.2L with huge exhaust and wheels, all show no go.
  9. I really advise everyone to go pick up a copy of the latest AMC (Just this once anyway. It's really a crappy mag) and have a read of Boris' answer to the current "teen menace". Its damn funny.
    Basicly: Give them bikes. The unco and follish will be struck off the list early on (See Hornets post), the boys will pick up chicks because nothing is cooler than a motorcycle and chick love 'em. Makes sense to me....
  10. And yet somehow they all want to cane it against even my 250, yeah it's only a 250, yeah it's still going to win. I admit, I take off from most lights like it's going out of style, but as soon as that speedo hits 59km/h (don't take off from lights quick if the speed limit is less than 60km/h) I'm no longer accelerating...yet sure enough that little Excel/Civic/whatever comes screaming past at 70-80km/h just in order to pass the bike and L-plater that beat them off the lights.

    You might say that because I take off quickly its spurring them on, but you know they do it anyway. Well, provided the 1,000,000W RMS sound system doesn't drain all the power meant for the sparkies...
  11. Absolutely, the trend has gone from cubic inches and big tyres to neon lights and sub woofers.
  12. spurring them on is the best bit, i stare at them and rev my engine, :) hahaha

    good idea about taxing their cars, if they started that around here there would be no cars on the road...wouldnt that be nice
  13. Yes, but using an R6 is like using a sledgehammer when all you need is a tack hammer :p.
  14. hahahahaha !! very true, thou i use to do it with the mighty gpx250 aswell, lol
  15. shits me to tears that the fine for speeding has risen to over $1,000,000. Seems unreasonable that it's 3000x higher than that for driving down the wrong side of the road.
  16. I think this generation (and I've seen a few and BEEN a few) has more disposal income, and can therefore indulge their fantasies more readily.

    Plus, as always happens in each generation, you have a group of parents whose creed is; "I did without, my kids aren't going to!"

    Which is what Geoff was leading to in his comment about this child's age.....

    Many more people speed than drive down the wrong side of the road, Talius, MOD SNIP: (no need to pass judgement about people's opinions)
  17. The problem with the Fast and the Spurious is it has the younger people into the bling, but they don't spend on the actual performance stuff.
    In my day (jeez, sound like a fogey!) we'd spend all our $$$ on engine, suspension and brakes. Appearance was something you took care of if you had the cash, and was definitely an afterthought.
    Also, kids lower their cars, and only spend enough on springs, usually dampers are not changed, suspension geometry is not addressed etc. So I personally feel they are building dangerous vehicles and should not be on the road. Some of teh silly buggers even use spring clamps to lower their cars, which leads to spring failure!
    Seems to me the kids now are going hard, without the mechanicals to match what they see in the movies, and well, there you go. 155/13 retreads don't grip as well as 225/17 radials!

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. The notion of a 'sleeper' car always appealed to me: killer power and handling, looking pretty much like a family sedan. I think you're right in saying that the cars are not set up for racing but people are racing them anyway, leading to extra danger... and of course in cars they have much more chance of taking out others as well as themselves. I'm not sure getting more and more draconian is the answer though... Education, education, education. And things like track days, too.
  19. True, but driving on the wrong side of the road is probably more dangerous than speeding - which I think is the point Talius is making. No parity between the penalties for each offence.