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Anti Bug Whistle

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by davidp1984, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Sorry if this aint in the right section.

    Now, my old man reckons that you can get a small whistle that attaches to the bottom of the car (I'm assuming that its small enough to put on the bike) that makes a noise that only bugs can hear so that they get out of the way. Thought it would be good for the twisties.

    So question is - Does anyone have one or knows how well it works?
  2. I think he means a 'Roo Shoo' ( Kangaroos etc )
    Not sure if it works for bugs though :LOL:
  3. lol, wanna buy some snake oil?
  4. doesntoften work for roos either.
  5. i've got some instant ducati sound left over from the job i did on the VTR if you want it.

    just add the specially designed ball bearings in with the oil next time you change it, to give that destinct, dry ducati rattle.

    works a treat.
  6. Why not just scream at the op of your voice.....

    BUG.....ger off!!!

    Sorry, had to be done!

  7. :rofl:
    just like the much praised electronic pest guard that a mate of mine had.
    Not 15 seconds after he told me how good it was, there was a bug walking happily across the front of it.
  8. Just like the fly zapper that wiped out an entire population of moths and friendly bugs but not one single fly :roll:

    Also heard that the roo whistles will attract the big ones, apparently they try to distract you, the "preditor", while the rest bugger of.
    No idea if it's true though :shrug:
  9. [​IMG]

    is that it?
  10. Animals can supposedly sense fear, so when i see a roo near the road on my rides to work in the early morning i start sh*tting myself to notify them of my arrival and hope they move off
  11. You can buy black version of the item Goz posted from Supercheap for around $10 or so.

    Don't know how well they work or you'd think Ford & Holden would build the sound effect into all cars they build locally considering the number of wildlife related collisions there are in Australia.......
  12. I feel like a gullible 5 year old now. :oops:

    According to this the fourth person down reckons it works well against bugs at night, might be good for when the summer months hit.
  13. ...once stuck these on the troopie to keep roos away while driving out west.....they didn't work!!... got a dented driver side door :roll:
  14. If you have a left hand screwdriver, I will come and fit them for you. :grin:
  15. Yeah good one.... I'll ask my dad if he has one :wink:

  16. ..ask him if he also has a long weight!! :p
  17. hehe my bro stuck these to his car... No roo hits yet, but definitely heaps of bug road kill still on the front. Probably useless but you never know?
  18. Probably more usefull to cover the bike in aerogaurd
  19. LOL, well i lived up bush till i was 23 and working with my dad I saw many cars who had Roo incidents quite a few of them had "Anti-Roo" devices, its all RooSH!7. You want to avoid Roos don't ride in country areas, want to avoid bugs stop riding.
  20. As with the main highways, the best way to avoid a roo? Follow a semi.