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Anti biking advertising hypocrisy

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Disclaimer: this is not an anti-cycling post but a comment on the hypocrisy on the approach of the various agencies to safety.

    Driving down to Warragul on Saturday I noticed that the TAC ads are out if full force. This one in particular was all over the place.


    I must be getting immune I think because it was actually my wife who found the ad mildly offensive and said something that made me think.

    "What sort of reaction would they get if they took out the word Motor from the advert?"


    I wonder if they would have been prepared to drape that second message all over the Geelong Road bridges last weekend? I'm damned certain we'll see that (or something similar) all over the roads on the way to the GP shortly.

    Given the recent claims of "cyclists are 34 times more likely..." it makes it interesting to start looking at all the commercials from the likes of the TAC that way. When we do that they start showing up as being definitely not so much pro-safety as anti-motorcycling; specially the one with the bucking feral motorcycle that mysteriously tosses its rider off into the path of a van.

    Can we now expect to see a bicycle mysteriously throwing off its rider - or can we expect to see calls for cyclists to wear protective clothing (many bicycle crashes occur at similar speeds to scooter crashes)?
  2. Re: Advertising

    I'm not jumping into the TAC's defence but I don't have an issue with that ad.

    As motorcyclists (and cyclist for that matter), it is more up to us to do what we can for ourselves.
    Sure, motorists can be real knobs as far as looking out for two wheel vehicles but IMO motorcyclists need to take that into account 100% of the time we're on our bikes.

    I have a simple motto I adhear to whether on the motorbike or pushy.
    Never ride in a manner where my safety is reliant on motorists doing the right thing.

    It's that ad on TV that has appeared again showing motorcyclists breaking laws with one ending up under a 4wd in the end, that infuriates me!
  3. Re: Advertising

    The problem with these ads is that the implication is that it's all the motorcyclists fault. Now while I agree that we need to watch out for ourselves, adverts like this essentially give permission to other road users to not see us.

    Had it said motorcyclists watch out for idiots or something similar I wouldn't have that much of an issue. Essentially, yes, we know it's up to us to reduce the risks. Almost every rider I know is well aware of that but the non-riding people who read signs like that see it as "it's all the motorcyclists fault".

    edit: ANd I've made my opinion clear on that moronic advert - the TAC seem to consider it a success though, not because it worked to save anyone but because it had strong recall months later.

    At least it wasn't made with levy money!
  4. Re: Advertising

    3 motorcyclists killed over the weekend in Vic doesn't help our cause ...it reinforces the need for these ads In the eyes of the TAC...be safe.
  5. Re: Advertising

    I agree with what Tony says above.
    If we can see the cunningness of the above ad, aimed at us as motorcyclists, what will the rest of road users/cages think ?
    These ads are a DIRECT attack on us, to make us appear the 'culprits' of the many incidents/accidents where motorcyclists are involved.
    Many have mentioned already how these messages sent out to the public are the beginning of an attempted plot to remove us from roads/streets.
    I smell a rat...but then again, this 'aroma' has been around for a while !
    Be safe, one and all.
  6. Re: Advertising

    Someone (not me, of course :p) should start printing off some little ads like that (inc. a '34 times' one) and sticking them up all wherever they can, maybe even handing some (or a flyer?) out whenever they can be bothered. Guerilla advertising, I suppose it would be.

    After all, whinging on an internet forum isn't going to cause many changes. Not that I'm saying you are doing that, Tony :).
  7. Re: Advertising

    comodoores. It's up to you to reduce the risks.
    drivers of holden comodoores ar 34 times more likely to be total wankers.
  8. Re: Advertising

    I often wish Motorcyclists as a group were more pro active and politically aggressive like the cyclist lobbies. Maybe get something done then about stupid ad campaigns like this one.
  9. Re: Advertising

    Then take the lead Hama!
  10. Re: Advertising

    how about these - would they be offensive now should they be used by this TAC mob

    All those bilboards do is say to car drivers "dont worry its up to the motorcyclist to ensure you dont kill them "

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  11. Re: Advertising

    I heard that 95% of statistics were made up.

    Also, don't you lot have anything better to worry about than TAC saying nasty hurtful things? I heard they were trying to make it crazy hard to get your L's.
  12. Re: Advertising

    The Victorian Labor State government has far more serious issues to deal with.

    You don’t see the media jumping up and down about these figures.

    ABS 2008 Death statistics for Victoria.
    CHAPTER II Neoplasms (C00-D48) 10,721
    CHAPTER IX Diseases of the circulatory system (I00-I99) 11,626
  13. Re: Advertising

    We've all sat around bitching that the TAC campaign from last year was offensive and I've heard many opinions about what was wrong with it. Some pointed to the South Australian ad as a better example with Mick Doohan showing us how riding on the road is not like a racetrack. So if you were given the opportunity to write an add that aims to get into the mindset of riders for the TAC, what would you do?

    Kerry and I had this conversation earlier today and something we tossed around went a bit like this:-

    The scene is a coffee/cake shop in a well known rider haunt somewhere up country. Sitting around the benches in front of their bikes is a group of riders decked out in appropriate gear for a long country ride. The bikes should be a smattering of different formats just to paint the picture that it's "riders in general". Of course we know that never happens but this is TV remember.

    The conversation around the group is on what injuries each rider has gone through. "Hey this bugger changed lanes in front of me just on the apex of a bend and I ran wide over the ditch, broke my collar bone and smacked up my wrist for three months!" "Hey that's nothing, I had a tradie run his trailer into my knee which took six months to come good!" And so on, you could pick from the plethora of examples all riders could provide but you get the idea of showing examples of how drivers behave and how riders always come off second best. Plenty to play with in 15, 30, 45 and 60 second brackets for placement. The other aspect of this is that all of them are still riding, not every accident involves a fatality.

    The punch line comes as a rider on a sports bike screams past and pops a mono up the street outside. One of the riders turns to another and says "silly bugger, he'll learn one way or another" or "let's hope his enthusiasm doesn't outrun his skill level". Fade to logo without a stupid one liner catchphrase.

  14. Re: Advertising

    Too sensible, no dodgy punch line, making riders look like real human beings.

    It'll never catch on.
  15. Re: Advertising

    The Victorian authorities are constantly reminding the community that riders are “38 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured in the event of a crash” but a recent study in the Journal of the Australasian College of Road Safety claims that cyclists using the road are also 34 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured. The Victorian Government spends millions of tax payer funds providing separation for cyclists with paths and lanes yet all safety initiatives for powered two-wheeled users are self funded (from the iniquitous “safety” levy). Tony is pointing out the discrepancy on how advertising towards motorcycle safety is so far removed from the encouragement shown to bicyclists that it is understandable that the general motorcycling community feels vilified.
  16. Re: Advertising

    Tell me what will you do if and most probably the vic government does gets re-elected,
    Rather than just continually bag out the government of the day how can we work with them on this?
    Your continual whinging is wearing thin, either offer up something concrete to work with or just put a sock in it.
  17. Re: Advertising

    Whether we like or not, TAC, VicRoads, VicPol, etc always use raw numbers (which is not good so far this year) as a basis for advertising and enforcement. Together with better weather starting is why the intensive advertising has started again of late.
    Advertising is putting the focus on riders themselves because apparently this year, they say, MC accidents have been 70% rider fault and 30% cager fault where usually it's 50/50. (NOT MY FIGURES)

    Bicycle Vic have been pushing for pushie TAC adds but they don't the no of cyclist fatalities (higher this year though) does not warrent it.
  18. Re: Advertising

    Zenali and I discussed a while ago how we could come up with a viral youtube video depicting riders as car drivers. ie sitting on a motorcycle shaving, reading the paper yakking on the phone etc etc whilst riding (obviously it would have to be in a deserted area away from obstacles etc. with the catchphrase "we are not cars".
    THAT would be more effective than having group of motorcyclists discussing their injuries. I mean do we have to discuss injuries all the time?
    I've never been injured on a motorcycle yet battered my body excessively playing soccer and I reckon if you polled the people on here many would also have never been injured.
    Lets forgo this whole crash mentality and concentrate on what really counts and that is our presence and right to exist on the road, the sooner we get out of this injury mentality and start sharing the road the better off we will all be.
  19. Re: Advertising


    ...and that comes from someone who always mentors roadcraft and other risk reduction techniques to make their and others riding safer. Roadcraft is about managing your own risks and the risks presented by others. That's why I give those signs a big F'UCK YOU when ever I see one.

    Joe - there's a certain beige flavour to your posts of late. What's up?

    Edit: Revised the thread title.
  20. Re: Advertising

    This year, seven riders fell off their bikes in a mixture of straight line roads, in their own street, or smacked into a parked vehicle. How the hell does that make any sense??

    Seven riders failed to negotiate bends - two were in SUBURBAN streets!! Five were in the country - most of which wasn't in classic twisty roads. Aren't the authorities always claiming loss of control in bends as a major cause of fatalities?

    Two more were dirt trackers spearing into trees.

    The rest were a combination of two vehicle accidents - some VERY CLEAR head ons and SMIDSYS.

    Don't know about the 3 recent fatalities - yet to see data on them.

    This year the raw numbers are up, but the trend is still down, despite the increase in being mowed down by other road users.

    Wolve, I like that ad idea.