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Anthropology of the V8 Torana

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by incitatus, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. What a beautiful morning it is here in Perth, I was up before first light this morning, riding the 'bright red machine for turning petrol into awesome noise' down to Jandakot airfield, to give an early morning check flight. On the way I pulled up at the lights next to a lime green V8 Torana driven by a slack-jawed dingbat of about 40 without a shirt. I first suspected there may be a few missing from the top paddock when I spotted the "score a goal, ride my pole" sticker, the "Holden On" sticker merely added to the impression.

    Now my Ducati is a fairly vociferous machine, and Boof the Bogan was obviously peeved that he could still hear it over his pride and joy, because when the lights changed he treated me to nice display of multi-coloured smoke, white from his tyres and blue from his exhaust. Being in a very relaxed mood I gently rolled the throttle open, quickly changed into second to reduce the plod attracting noise level, and by the time I was snicking it into third he was just beginning to move. This theatre repeated itself at the next three sets of lights, with him getting more and more worked up, and me making no attempt to do anything but take a peaceful morning ride.

    As he was making absolutely no headway, and I was so obviously not playing, but winning anyway, he decided to engage me in stimulating debate at the next lights by winding down his window and opening with "you fcuking wog c&*nt, go home and fcuk your momma". I realized immediately that I was dealing with an intellectual heavyweight, who by a sort of 'all cows eat grass, so all grass is eaten by cows' kind of logic, had worked out that since the bike was italian I must be too. The total lack of reaction from me, coupled with the lack of eye contact (dark visor), clearly infuriated him further, and we once again were treated to the burning rubber (and oil) show, only this time there was a truck behind Mr Boof who was clearly not amused, and gave him a huge blast on his air horn. The last I saw of Mr Boof he was crawling along in the left hand lane, boxed in by two angry truckies. Now the thing that interests me about all this, is that he played out this whole farce with no input from me whatsoever, he constructed his own imaginary world, and played happily in it, but if I had reacted at all I have the feeling it could have gone from funny to dangerous very quickly indeed.
  2. Ahh, The classic Aussie Boofhead, Ya gotta love em!

    with a cricket bat! :twisted:
  3. Inc you are spot on mate, sometimes being cool is somtimes enough of a razz up for a dickhead like this. I used to drive a V8 Torana OK it was 20 years ago and it was boofheads like these that give all us bogans a bad name. :evil:

    I ride a Hysoung am I Korean? :grin:
  4. Good read... incitatus... I would have done the same.. not that my 250 can keep up with it.. :LOL: :LOL:

    Just ignore them as the below says it all..

    P.S. I must be Japanese then.. :LOL:
  5. That's quite an intellectual feat, though: first of all, he had to actually *read* the word Ducati, which by itself puts him ahead of a certain proportion of the population. Then he had to know Ducati is an Italian brand, which shows some knowledge of motorcycling. Finally he had to realise Italy is overseas, which puts his knowledge of geography far ahead of many Americans, so kudos to him, and to our education system!

    But I'm afraid you're giving him too much credit. More likely he was just using 'wog' as a generic insult.
  6. Yep, definetely the way to go - last time I caved in and took the bait was a mistake in communication at some traffic lights - ended up being an undercover cop who ended up booking me for undue noise and speeding :LOL:
  7. Ah yes, but it can be a spirit -lifting experience too, sometimes. Only a couple of days ago I had an encounter on the way home from work, but with a totally different outcome.
    Now this guy was driving a not-quite-current XR ute, but he clearly had some taste, as he had a KTM dirt shredder in the back. So I cruise past, then see him working furiously to catch up by the next set of lights (which he does). Next minute he's shouting something at me which I can't quite understand, and making a circular motion with his hand. I must have looked puzzled, so he demonstrates - with a cloud of tyre smoke!
    OKay, I get it now but too late, the lights are green, so all I can do is give him what he wants in the form of a howling triple redlining in first. When he finally catches up he's whoopin' and hollerin' in delight.
    This continues on for three or four sets of lights, until we both slip onto the freeway and he then does his best to follow me splitting through the traffic (no, he wasn't really dangerous).
    At one point I heard him shout "... just wanna have some fun, mate..".
    And so we did. Made my day.
    My first thought, Inci, was that I'd snagged one of your species, but I think I got a considerably more evolved one.
    If your out there Mr XR/KTM, thanks! :)
  8. I find that a cleanly executed, long, high wheelie combined with a cheeky grin tends to turn you from hated competition to worshipped god in the space of a block. Hasn't failed me yet.
  9. Ahh a little light hearted drag racing, I see it as my duty to educate. My fun comes from letting them get slightly ahead then pulling up beside them waving to them and then accelerating away (one handed) just to really rub it in.
    By the way the sticker on the back of my bike (the only one) says "CARS SUCK" great fun seeing the looks on there faces when I've lane split.
  10. i just like the hotted up lancers that are about the only cars my 2fiddy can woop. those and excels with aftermarket exhausts :)
  11. You should try blowing bogans off in a full house tourer, talk about instant hatred!
    And I don't think you can call yourself a bogan Matt, you have figured out how to use the internet, and use punctuation, so clearly not one of the sepcies!
    I used to have wild ass hoon cars, and used to drag people off for fun at the lights, but I never got wound up or upset by it, it's just noise and fun!
    I don't get morons who are their car/their car defines who they are :roll:
    I'll probably have a quick car again someday, and like my others, it won't be mainstream or what everyone else has.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. I know Donkey loves playing with racers.

    He holds just in front of them and only puts proper power down when they change gears. Gone! :grin:

    I remember whooping a new statesman on Old Windsor rd.
    The driver was this big fat guy, looked like a businessman I guess [aka, failed teenage drug-dealer maybe?]. He was obviously judging his speed by my bike ie. "I don't have a plan for how fast I want to drive on this road, as long as I'm in front of you."

    So for two sets of lights, I clamly took off and this guy was working to keep up - then he would blast past while I sat at 5k's over the speed limit.
    Then he'd slow down to the speed limit, and I'd end up overtaking him.

    This happened twice before I just left him for dead at a set of lights. I could see he was annoyed the new luxury Dunndore wasn't up to beating a learner :LOL:
  13. HJehe good read :) I have a nice torana story from my bike. I was riding a bit ago and a nicely kept LJ torana pulled up next to me. My first car was an LJ torana til I fell asleep coming home from uni on my daily 45km drive (each way) at 6am and crashed it beyond repair :( Anyway he took off and the car in front of me was REALLY SLOOOOW. So I switched lanes behind the torana and switched again to catch up with him. I was casually checking out the torana (as I had caught up and stayed at his speed) when it was safe to. With my tinted visor on, 'mean' looking bike doing head checks to check out his car, the guy driving the torana was shitting himself!! I felt bad so I lifted my visor, gave him thumbs up. His look showed how relieved he was. :grin: At the next lights I told him how my first car was a torana blah blah. Had a nice chit chat then I went about on my business.

    Not all torana drivers are cock smokers :)
  14. Inci the bogan abused you because you involved yourself but didn’t acknowledging his efforts, you appeared to be an elitist wanker and therefore got a spray about your EuroTrash ride, well deserved if you ask me.
    Even a boxer who pummels his opponent will then congratulate him later.
    A quick thumbs up or a glance with a few revs is good form & shows cagers you appreciate their efforts at the red light GP.
  15. Oh dear, my whole point was that I did not involve myself, I just rode normally as if he didn't exist, I even changed up early to keep the noise down at 6am. Its not my fault that an 18 yo Ducati can hose a clapped out V8 while gently commuting is it?. Maybe if he learned how to put power into traction instead of smoke, he might have better luck with the next half asleep 57yo.
  16. C'mon Inci, everyone expects a rider to have a go.

    At the very least you could have half-heartedly threatened him with your walking stick :grin:
  17. Surely (not that I encourage this sort of beahvier and all that other PC crappe`) you can give a family six a good hiding. The Spada could take most cars up to about 70 clicks, the only exception before the rear cylinder dropped compression was a new XR6t.
  18. An interesting take. How do you react if you don't appreciate their efforts?

    It seems like an anger management issue to me. If someone gets upset because their Torana can't keep up with any bike ...... well they need a lot of therapy. I suspect a thumbs up is just as likely to get a negative reaction as a positive one. It also means you've been dragged into playing their game, when all you are doing is riding to work.

    My reaction is usually considerably different to this sort of situation. I usually hit the acceleration up to the speed limit then coast along. It takes some time for a car to catch up. They can then pretend they've won when they speed past you. It's win-win! :grin:
  19. If I'd been on my scooter I probably would have, what with the scooter being only slightly more powerful and all..... :LOL: but with the Ducati there's no fun in such an unequal match. I must admit I enjoy embarrassing cars on my itty bitty scooter though....... :)
  20. Big car = really small.... well you know. As my girlfriend likes to say when she sees dudes in cars like that, he's not getting any.

    You were clearly the bigger man in that situation Incitatus.