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Ante meridiem mastication of perturbation and wonder.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Scrambles, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. Something happened to me this morning. Something new and exciting. Something unexpected...imagine this, if you will, dear reader:

    Whilst engossed in a particulary engaging episode of Invader Zim, it became apparent that I had unwittingly laced my weet bix with milo instead of sugar.

    Dare I, but a simple man, venture into a new world? Like some kind of culinary pioneer...a hungry Burke and Wills??

    "Just eat it poof" came the re-assuring reply from my brain.

    It was good. Very good.

    Get on it if you dare!

    Tommorow: phase 2, milo and banana weet bix. SCIENCE!!1

  2. Jam and cheese for the win.

    Ham, jam and cheese for those who live on the edge.
  3. Give me back my mags or you will see how close to the edge you can get biatch.
  4. Vegemite and tomato sauce on two minute noodles and you might come close to impressing me!! :LOL:

    Try the milo and butter sandwich for another mastication sensation. :)
  5. ... or, do what my twin brother and I used to do when we were little and cut out the middle part of the process and just eat the Milo straight out of the tin!!!!
  6. [​IMG]
  7. WTF is that?? :rofl:

    That's a new one on me. :applause:
  8. [​IMG]



  9. G'day everyone,........

    Crunchy penut-butter and cheese sandwiches!

    Tinned spaghetti and cheese sandwiches!

    Toast....spread curry paste on toast then cover with tuna,......melt cheese over top.

    Dr Who?
  10. You've been working at Ten that long o_O.

    Suuuure you were watching it for X-Men, I believe you.
  11. It occurred to me one day that quite often I will use chopsticks to eat pasta. Marco Polo stylin'
  12. DOn't know what is scarier, Milo out of the tin or two Hornets.........
    Regards, Andrew.
  13. everyone loves a decent masticate :D
  14. My mother always said I masticated too loud :oops:.
  15. I accidentally spread marmite over marmalade. Yum! Now one of my favourites.
  16. everything's better with milo :)
  17. Peanut butter on raisin toast.

  18. Ooo wise man, I just generally go peanut butter and sultanas on toast.
  19. nah mate - vegemite on raisin toast...........
  20. Plum jam on Vegemite.
    Apricot Jam on Peanut butter.
    Honey on Peanut butter.

    Well that was before diabeties. :(