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N/A | National Ant West

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by talon, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. Found this on the Autosport website today.

    Anthony West stripped of Moto2 results after doping test failure

    Thursday, November 28th 2013, 14:00 GMT

    Former Kawasaki MotoGP rider Anthony West has had his Moto2 results from the past 18 months annulled following a court decision regarding a doping test failure in May 2012.

    West was originally given a one-month ban in October 2012 when the prohibited stimulant methylhexaneamine was found during a urine test on the French Grand Prix weekend five months earlier.

    Having served that ban, West returned to competition with his QMMF team for a full 2013 campaign.

    But the World Anti-Doping Agency took the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, arguing that a 24-month ban should have been imposed.

    A CAS panel hearing was held in Lausenne in August, where the WADA appeal was partially upheld.

    Motorcycle racing's governing body the FIM has now announced that in accordance with the final CAS ruling delivered last week, West will be given an 18-month retroactive suspension, with one month deducted for what he has already served.

    "Taking into account the considerable delay in the conduct of the case before the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the CAS Panel decided to set the start of the suspension retroactively at 20 May 2012," said an FIM statement.

    All West's results from May 20 2012 to October 19 2013 have therefore been deleted from the Moto2 record books, including his podium finishes at Sepang and Phillip Island in 2012.

    The 32-year-old Australian was a factory MotoGP rider for Kawasaki from mid-2007 to the firm's departure at the end of '08.
  2. Shit, that's f*&%ing ridiculous!
    Even disregarding the fact that it's on about the same level as caffeine as a stimulant and present in some supplements/energy drinks without being named.

    Where do they get off on telling him he's all good to compete, then stripping all his results achieved when he's not effected by it?

    All to say what? we're tough on drug use even if when we determine the use is accidental and have already punished the person in question
  3. FIM initially gave him a sentence of a 2 race ban, and then it was appealed by WADA. FIM have no further choice. WADA (and therefore ASADA) seem to be very black and white on the issue and it's a problem not just for Ant West, but for junior or amateur players who drink an energy drink. One of the international sport events that was held in Darwin a few years ago was targeted for testing and all of the participants were amateurs.
    Do that to an AFL club, then the players all walk because the club will say they advised their players and therefore the players are not at fault, and will take ASADA to court if necessary. Or if you are Shane Warne, you get only a year even though it is fairly obvious given his miraculous shoulder recovery that he was hiding something with that 'fluid pill'.

    Ant West, despite being an international GP rider, falls into the former category. It is immensely unfair.
  4. ...as if racing at break neck speeds isn't stimulating enough.

    Poor bastard.
  5. How many points will he loose, will it really matter?

    Don't forget Haga lost a championship because of too much caffeine....
  6. Crazy - pretty massive penalty considering what it was he's 'guilty' of!
  7. How is it a massive penalty. He finished in the top 10 how many times/
  8. Any time you make the podium must be a highlight for a racer. I would imagine when such events are seldom, the more precious they become.

    Bit rough to make the guy hand back those trophies I reckon, all considered.
  9. what Mark said.