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Ant West to Stiggy Motorsport

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cejay, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. From http://www.stiggymotorsport.com/

    Good news for Ant. A year on a bike capable of winning might put that smile back on his face.

  2. i'm happy for him - hopefully he can win some races and get his confidence back on the bike
  3. Thanks cejay, it will be interesting to see how he goes.
  4. That's great news for him. The Kwaka MotoGP bike seems to be the worst bike in the field, and it'll do him good to get off it.

    If Westy goes as well as he managed to do in his brief cameo in WSS in '06, then he'll be a championship contender for sure.
  5. Will the bike be competitive?
  6. Stiggy produce the 2nd best bike in the paddock. And Stigefelt's missus isn't that bad either!
  7. They currently sit 3rd (Brookes) and 8th (Harmes) in WSS. It's a reasonably competitive championship too.
  8. Good news! Good luck Ant West! Hopefully he'll finish off the season ahead of Hopkins too!
  9. I hope he goes to Elocution School soon.
  10. hopefully he can win some races next year and then be able to score a seat in a competitive Moto GP Team. The only person that has looked more depressed this year in the moto gp paddock is Melandri and he is on a competitive bike.

    I'm sorry to see Melandri go to kwaka, he deserves better than that.
  11. i know what you mean, but since when did that help you ride motorbikes fast??? :LOL:
    it seems a good ride for westy, he's a classic balls-out racer, this should give him a chance to prove it....

    (that was directed at MVs post by the way)
  12. It doesn't, but it does get your sponsors and motorsport at this level is a lot about money. There are plenty of international racers who won't win a thing, but their ability to bring money to a team does get them good rides.
  13. West will never get back into Motogp. Too old . Too slow.
  14. Oh, I was planning on giving it a go next year :cry: :wink:
  15. I can organize a ride for you Johnny. Are you any good at Playstation?
  16. FFS Rog....... I am 50 next year....... too bloody old for kids computer games! :LOL: