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Ant West on a KWAKA!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by removed-6, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Ant west is testing Olivier Jacques Kawasaki at Catalunya today, let's hope it leads to something good for him. Would love to see him put down a good time compared to the other regular riders today.

    Go Westy!
  2. +1 to that.
    He such a good rider, Won the superstock race as a fill in. But got wiped out on the last lap of the 250cc race. To get back on the bike, and finish the lap after a crash takes some real guts.
  3. Ant West on a Kawa

    Agreed he is a great rider but not a great PR personality , This I feel is to some degree why he hasnt got a great ride .
    Still GOOOOOOOOO WESTY and I hope he puts some good numbers on the board aboard the Kwack and let his results do the talking.
  4. GOO Westy he is a good man.
  5. Anyone with a surname of West must be a good bloke. :grin: :grin:

    Go Mr West!
  6. He might be riding for Kawasaki at Donnington due to Jacques injuries?
  7. I'm led to believe he was significantly quicker in testing than either Jacques or De Puniet. Bring on the third member of team Aussie takeover... Now we just need some quick bastard on a Honda.
  8. Wonder if he would take a ride on the Kwaka? As nice as it is to see the green bikes going well, only someone with crazy optimism would rate them as race winners or championship contenders. Or take a ride on a proven race winning bike in a lesser championship and maybe win a title? Me, I'd prefer to be winning on a R6 than coming mid field on a Kwaka.
  9. Actually Cejay, Jerry Burgess rates them as highly as the new Ducati GP7. The whole GP paddock is united in their belief that Kawasaki is one hotshot rider away from being a very serious contender. Kwaka and Suzuki have got their valve technology together well ahead of Honda and Yamaha, they're revving higher and producing more power than those bikes but they don't have the riders to challenge Rossi.

    Exciting times, Honda thought they'd clean up with the 800cc rule, by throwing more cash at it than anyone else. And boy has it bit them in the arse!
  10. What Loz said!

    And you are correct with what you say about riders. But, (and I know some will laugh) I also believe that De Puniet is capable of much more. I have only been watching MotoGP since late last year but I think he has shown glimpses of what he is capable of this year (Le Mans in the wet, Catalunya with his injuries, especially qualifying).
    Another thing is that Nakano must be kicking himself for ever leaving Kawasaki. The MotoGP channel commentators were talking about this last race, and how Kawasaki has said the door is always open for him if he wishes to return.


  11. But is Westy that rider? Anyway, I believe it's more than just the rider, it's the bike, the team, the rider, the whole package. I don't think that just Rossi made the Yamaha the bike it is, hence the reason he took Burgess with him. Ducati have a winning mindset, know how to do it and do it well. Kawasaki haven't won much in a long time and that would be a concern if I was West. Likewise with Suzuki, the real difference is Denning as he was used to winning with the BSB bikes.

    Make no mistake, Westy is a great rider, still only mid 20's (seems like he's been around for ages) and is awesome to watch. But he doesn't have many chances left and he needs to pick a winning team to re-establish himself and not find himself remembered just as the guy who could ride well in the wet. Yamaha might be that team, a year in Supersport, might even win the championship, get the winning feeling back and who knows, then Motogp?

    And Honda crack me up. Little Dani and the #1 rider struggling. Though Hayden did set the fastest non qualifier time in the testing.
  12. Yep Kawasaki are back, De Puniet was second on the grid in qualifying at Catalunya. If you had to say a bike was struggling I would say it would be team Roberts with their KR212V
  13. westy is a good rider, always has been.... its his personality that gets him no where.

    If i was a sponsor i wouldnt want my name on his leathers or bike... everytime he loses he lays the shit down on his team. I mean who does that...

    If his balls were itchy he would complain that dainese dont make good leathers and he cant win wearin them
  14. i agree whenever something dosnt go his way instead of trying to work around it and fix it he comes up with excuses and complains , the boy has more excuses than a pregnant nun!

    his great to watch but his attitude,and personality really destroy his potential as a rider imo, honestly if i was a team i wouldnt want to work with him because the moment he doesnt like something he will biatch and moan and blame it all on his team , sure we see what he can do when he is put onto a bike already capable of winning and he can sure as hell ride it , but put into a situation where he has to work hard to get the bike to that point and struggle with it i dont think he could hack it , he would give up and give a line of excuses complaining about the bike and the team even if he was on a factory team

    id love to be proved wrong however because the more aussies up there winning the better! but i just dont see him doing that he just oozes arrogance and pigheadedness when you hear him speak and thats killing him id be happy if he kept his helmet on and just stayed away from talking out loud :p he'd get a lot further!
  15. Confirmed. A good decision or not?

    From Kropotkins blog.


    I can't but help believe that this is a mistake. Having said that, to see Westy competing at the top would be fantastic, but Motogp is more than just the bike and riders need to be excellent at so many things, not least f which is PR.
  16. I'll have to disagree Ceejay. We will fight with broken beer bottles at Jake's. This is a perfect time for Westy to stake a claim for a factory ride next year. The Kawasaki is over achieving, and they may not be able to sustain this improvement for as long as the other teams. The Bridgestone tires are now the equivalent of the dirty French competitors. His teamate (while also a dirty Frenchman) is battered up beyond belief with a busted knee, broken collar bone and several broken toes (He's still riding fast though!! :shock: ). He has the chance to be faster than his teamate, and push for podiums placings. Hell if it rains he could win a GP race.

    And while PR off the bike is nice and touchy feely, when the flag drops it means next to nothing if you can win.
  17. I'll raise you your broken beer bottle!

    I think Westy is awesome. And I appreciate his laconic laid back style. And despite not being a fan of the green marque, I'd be happy to see him place well. As for the PR stuff, witness the absolute no hopers in the Motogp paddock who do nothing all year but still get rides, all based on their ability to schmooze their way with sponsors. I think a Motogp bike is several million US$ a year to run and it needs paying somehow. If you aren't winning and getting the exposure that way, you need to be able to impress the sponsors somehow and slagging the team off often isn't the way.

    That's the sad thing about Motogp now. With the 2 strokes, they more or less reached their pinnacle of development, hence money was spent on chassis and tyres. But the 4 strokes are still developing and coupled with the rule change to 800cc, still more money is required to get the bikes to go quicker. World SBK is going the same way. Remember when, even when it was the Ducati cup, that they had a full grid? Not any more. :(
  18. Re: Confirmed. A good decision or not?

    Yeah...........................Kenny, Kurtis and Dani are testament to that 'eh? :roll: :p :LOL:

    You don't need a personality to ride MotoGP, but you need one to be a star like Rossi.

    The BIG problem for Westy is......................

    Randy De Puniet is already number 14! :mad: :evil:
  19. Just caught this: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/Article_Page.aspx?ArticleID=4897&Page=1

    I'm not really a follower but after seeing what he's done on Curtain's R6 Yamaha in WSS, I think this is a great turn-around for him. Now that Kawasaki seems to have a competitive bike again (given de Puniet's effort at Catalunya), I can't wait to see what the rest of the MotoGP season has in store. It was great to see the Suzukis getting just-reward for their off-season form, and now hopefully we'll see 5 manufacturers in the mix rather than the usual suspects.
  20. I just heard him interviewed for the first time.

    Frankly, he sounds like the dumbest bogan since Poida. Best wishes to him in the races and all, gotta love an Aussie but can we start telling people he's a Kiwi or something?