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Ant Problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Blue Dog 7, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. I hope this is the right place to post my problem.

    Ants. Little black house/garden ants.

    I seem to have a slight ant problem around the house currently. My bike (CB600F) is parked outside under an awning on cement. It is under its jacket most of the time, but recently I have found ants on it and around it. LOTS of ants. (also hitching a free ride when I'm out and about)

    What I have tried so far is to pour ant sand around the bike (and any near by cracks etc), and also sprayed any nearby ants and the ground around the bike.

    But the little buggers are still getting on and into the bike. I am paranoid they are building a nest or getting stuck in filters, destroying electronics etc.

    My question is, a)best way to cleanse the bike of ants and b)can i use bug spray (or a special type) on the bike - I am worried about electronics, paint, etc

    Thanks for any ideas/solutions!
  2. I would try putting a tarp over the bike maybe need to - just to cover it - then get a bug bomb and set it off under the big and hence the tarp.

    I don't know though what this will do to the paint.
  3. Plain old surface spray will take care of them without doing any damage. Just spray it everywhere, wait a few mins and wash it off. :)
  4. "ant rid". Look it up, very succesful.

    Its a slow acting poision, its also ant crack. Put a few drops down in front of a few of them and within minutes hundreds of the buggers will be gorging themselves, running back to the queen to present their gift....a day or so later they all die, including the queen.

    Harsh maybe, but nobody touches my bike and lives :p
  5. LOL
  6. cheers all!!

    I definitely AGREE with Liquidity - DEATH TO THEM ALL (and by all, I mean anything that touches my bike except me).

    I get quite angry when I am waiting at traffic lights and a see several ants crawling along my dash...they are soon squashed ants! - ruin my fuel consumption will they!!!

    and Seany, that is want I wanted to hear! spray, they pay and me wash. BINGO.

    Thanks all. Will post back when it kills them ALL! :eek:)
  7. :cry: ants are people too.
  8. this is what happens when you leave ur bike a uni

    used as a table by international students and banged around with a push bike. i parked where i took the photo, i guess i never gona park there again

    edit: that cb250 was in perfect condition too (Black)
    '07 or '08 ninja 250r had a drop (Green)

    International students: Kawa Push bike (below)

  9. Was it their bike?
  10. Don't tread on an ant, you'll end up black and blue!
    There might be a day they come looking for you
  11. they're just enthusiants.. you never know they may offer you some good $ to take it off your hands. a cuople hundred of them could carry it..may take a couple thousand to ride it though :LOL:
  12. Solution

    Just to let everyone know. I gave my ride a hose down with water only, then normal bug spray (them ants kept coming out of somewhere!!) then another wash to cleanse the bug spray.

    I found most of them under the dash and near the battery under the seat.

    The most important thing is that they have not come back!!
  13. maybe they were cleaning off the bugs that get stuck in the bike