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answer me this

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rrman99, Jul 9, 2011.

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  1. why isit that most of the two wheeled riders on the road today never seem to wave or nod to the bike going in the opposit direction and why do riders ignore the riders who own a canam spyder when they might have to ride a spyder due to some sort of disabiliity from no fault of thier own so come on give me your opinions

  2. Lots of people nod to everyone, lots of people nod to no-one. I guess a few people are selective in their nodding. On my non-cruiser I've learned that 90% or more of the time nodding to cruiser riders won't get a response. But stuff it, it's about me, not about them, so I still nod anyway. I'd totally nod to a Spyder Ryder.
  3. Smee!!! :p

    I think in the real world, most riders put a can am in the basket with scooters.
  4. Sman unfortunately getting a nod back can be hit and miss. But dont stop nodding or waving cause most Will say g'day back. I nod to cam am riders too, when I do manage to see one.
  5. Four posts and still not closed. Smee's slipping. He must be getting old.
  6. He's still getting his "beauty sleep" :D
  7. well, i for one don't return nods. I quite enjoy coming on nerdrider and reading whinge threads about non-nodders.....

    Seriously dude, don't stress about it. 95% of the general populace are assbags, only worry about the ones you either helped create or would buy a beer for
  8. Perhaps with the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into motorcycling being conducted, we could petition them into asking MUARC to do a study on why some motorcylists do not nod and whether nodders are more likely to crash than non-nodders.
  9. I just cut myself. On purpose.
    The sting and the sight of the blood is distracting, but after a couple of minutes this is STILL another fucking nodding thread...
  10. I nod to everyone, including scooters but most of the time, they don't seem to be interested.
  11. I nod. Despite their three wheels, they have a very nice Rotax V Twin engine, as used in TLR's, SV's & Aprilia's from memory, I bet you could light the rear up on one of those quite well if you were so inclined.
  12. I Lift my fingers away from the brake lever and wave, that way when no-one see's it because theyre more interested in themselves than in me I can go on nr and whinge about it..
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.