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VIC ANPR camera Drysdale

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by simon varley, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. now that's the kind of enforcement I like!

    when I went past just before 5 this evening there were 12 cars abandoned by the side of the road. 9 soccer mums and 3 tradies. all 12 were 10-15 year old falcadores. Spot the pattern anyone?
  2. bogan central??
  3. They are all of a class or standard that is colloquially percieved by motorcyclists to be of inferiour standing to ones community, So the base of comment on policing shifts from one of empathy and a sense of being a victim of an unjust system to one of superiority and righteousness,.
    Let's face it, if there had been 9 motorcycles on the side of the road, you would be practically calling genocide.
  4. No.

    The ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) camera, I am assuming, checks the cars registration, & as such, can't discriminate, it can only tell the police if the car is unregistered or if the registered owner has outstanding fines/warrants/cancelled license.
  5. I think Killbot's point is in response to the question he quoted, a rhetorical question with implications which I don't have too much time for either.

    (But then I guess I come from a poor shit family who can only afford those sorts of cars. We should 'credit' ourselves to the eyeballs so that we, too, can have respect. And then we can get pissed off at the stress of that situation, and as a form of revenge start hating those who are not stupid enough to join us. Or we can just have cash in the first place and be smugly naive. - sorry SV, I'm not assuming either way whether the implications of this ought to be ascribed to you, but that rhetoric - if I've not misinterpreted you - taps into such a rather ugly script. ...and pushes a button :) But yeah, I hate irresponsible bogans too.)
  6. Nothjing wrong with 15 year old falcons except they use too much fuel.
    If your personal value is dependent on the cars other people drive then you have much bigger problems than I.
  7. Except of course that they are Fords....90% of which every made are still on the road

    ....the other 10% actually made it home

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