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anothers near miss .. where high vis came in handy

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by sbb, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. was heading home on fri night, coming up to the approach of anzac bridge heading west (just near where the radar and rbts get set up.

    saw a rider stopped hard against the right hand guardrail .. a rare occasion where a high-vis vest helped :) . there is absolutely no room on the right there and it was end of peak hr traffic so she had no chance of getting across to the left.

    turns out the bike just went dead on her and stopped and was stuck.

    anwyay, i stopped, called cops as there was no way I could stop three lanes of traffic and there wasnt any gaps to get over and back. A tow truck briefly stopped but then buggered off without getting out!

    tried running though options of helping but wasnt anything i could do by myself.

    cops were taking what felt forever, and she was having to also wave here phone around to help with making sure traffic saw her .. was freaking hairy spot only inches from buses! so was a bit of a gap so got her to run across with the bike while i slowed some traffic.

    The shitty bits ..

    - no-one out of hundreds of vehicles stopped .. including plenty of bikes. what is is with people!

    - when slowing the traffic for her, the car (in middle lane) only slowed a bit then proceeded to indicate and change lanes .. to the left one, where she was headed .. luckily she was across in time and i got back across them too. But what is it with idiots!

    about 30 seconds later the cops and rta tow truck appeared. then spent next 10mins chatting to her until her husband turned up to drive her home.

    was my second drama for the week as well .. had to direct traffic around a rider down on parra road. but isnt something i want to be seeing regularly

    moral of the story (and why I am posting this, seeing all other riders that night didn't stop)

    never question it and stop to help others if you ever see anything! with one more person could have stopped traffic and got her out of there.

    also, from the few times no i have had to try and direct traffic around accidents, there are enough people out there that are in a hurry and don't care who will happily not slow down (when doing it at Trolley's accident, not a single car slowed even with the bike and everyone right at the lane edge) make sure you keep yourself safer than you think you have to be. once even had a guy stop, wave me over to his car, when i was next to it, he accelerated then sped past (so was just waving to get me out of the way), passing an injured rider and the ambos by about a foot.

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  2. good on you for helping out.
    was a dangerous position to put yourself in.

    the high viz vest may have aided the vast majority of drivers to see her early and avoid.
    but it only takes one drunk or tired driver to target fixate on the stationary vest.
    and that happens.
  3. A traffic hi-vis vest is only $8 at Bunnings. It might be an idea to keep one on the bike just in case you have to deal with traffic at a stop.

    If it's good for nothing else, a vest is cheap insurance against a contributory negligence claim on your compensation when some drunken assclown runs you down.
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  4. That's a good idea - I think I will stuff one in my tail pack (which is always on my bike). You never know when it might come in handy.
  5. It's great that you made the effort to help sbb.

    It must be a city thing though, I got asked if I needed help when I'd just stopped to take a photo :LOL:

    Out here in the country I think we're more likely to get someone pulling over to help. You must have that country mentality - a good thing too (y)
  6. thanks .. i think it is a country thing as well ... grew up on farms which may explain it :)

  7. Definitely explains it - nothing like country manners. No one seems to give a rats about any one else in the city - it's a shame and the reason I hate travelling back to Melb when I have to. Cheers.
  8. When we first moved to Australia (6 years ago) we were out in the country somewhere and were stopped at the side of the road.

    A farmer made his way down a track next to us - we thought he was going to moan at us for something. He was just checking we were ok and if we needed any help. Nice guy.

    Ps - we were taking photos of kangaroos. :embarrassed:

    Well we were 'fresh off the boat poms' - what more do you expect?!
  9. I hope he invited you to the naked kangaroo races on Tuesday nights at Fitzroy St...
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  10. Right after the hippo racing?
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  11. That's the one. I wonder if they still do dropbear rugby in the park...
  12. Nothing embarrassing about taking photos of the wildlife northerner, I do it all the time and I've lived here all my life. I'd much rather take photos of animals than anything else.....
  13. Good to see you helping out, it really doesn't take much to stop for 30 seconds and give a hand where needed.

    I've only had one occasion since riding where I've witnessed an single bike accident and not stopped to help, and I actually regret it to this day when I think about it. Middle aged bloke who over shot the front brake in an emergency stop and went over the handle bars, I was startled to have watched it to say the least, and being new to riding (only a few weeks in) panicked a little when I couldn't get the bike into neutral to get off and help. Looking back I could have just turned the bike off in gear (which didn't register at the time), though I was stopped in the left lane (where the accident was in the right) holding up traffic, and 6-8 people had already run over to help from cars travelling in the same direction, which is why I decided to move on.

    Not my proudest moment of riding, which makes me all the more glad when I see others who have actually stopped to help, a reminder of what to do regardless in future.
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    Ironically, it typically isn't city people driving to and from the city, but suburban and country people.


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    Outer suburbs or sattelite towns are not the country ;)
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    Perhaps, but when I say city I mean Melbourne as a whole - including outer suburbs. Having lived in Melbourne for more than half my life I can say that the few times I've broken down on the side of the road, no-one has stopped to help. Completely different story in the country - in my experience anyway.
  17. Good on ya sbb. Nice to see there are still good people in the city...

    I hope your example helps inspire others to help too.