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Another zzr250 problem thread...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by stevesxr, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. Guys i need help...
    I will do my best to provide as much info as possible.

    1997 zzr250

    I bought this bike as a project with no fairings ect. for $300.
    It had problems with idleing when warmed up.
    So i took the carbs off and removed the mixture screws, jets, floats, float valves and needles. Cleaned them all.

    Replaced both vacuum slides as the rubber was split on them.
    Set the mixture screws to 2.5 turns ( p.o had them at 8 turns lol)
    Set the floats to 16mm (manual says 17mm +/- 2mm)
    Now it idles nicely, and will idle when warmed up.

    Now my problem.
    If i move the handlebars L to R, the bike will stutter and stall.
    So i removed the tank and made a small container for fuel to see whats going on.
    Removed the throttle slide/killswitch off the bar.
    Removed the throttle cables off the carbs.
    It will still stutter and then die if i move the bars L to R.
    If i wiggle the whole bike side to side sometimes it will die, sometimes it wont.
    If i wiggle the carbs it will not die.

    Would this point to an electrical short/bad earth somewhere?
    I am no good at electrics :(

    Has anyone had this sort of issue before?
    Any help would be appreciated.
    I have the service manual and the other manual that has everything in it.
  2. The throttle cable is on the right way? and make sure its not snagging? I remember having problems with mine snagging when I used to do my carbs. and make sure the choke cable isn't being pulled when you move from left to right. Im not guaranteeing that's it, but it sounds like its definitely something on the carbs thats connected to the handlebars!

  3. power steering pump....
  4. I have removed the throttle cables and choke cable from the carbs, and removed the throttle slide/killswitch off the bar, so i dont think they are binding up on anything...
    Thanks though mate.

    Can i haz sum ov wat ur smokin?
  5. Sure thing!

    one question:
    how is the bike sitting while its running and being turned?
    ie, is it on stands, leant over on a side stand, or being held up?

    the reason i ask is that if it is on its side, turning the bars will actually tilt the bike.

    the other thing to check, is what is coming out of the exhaust when it is stuttering?
    if you have unburnt fuel, you would prob be looking at an electrical thing.
    if it is clean, i would suspect starving for fuel.
  6. The first time the bike was on the centre stand.
    The next day i had it on the side stand due to the wind overnight.
    Will stall on either stand when bars are moved.
    I only passed my l's last week so new to bikes.
    But, i didnt notice a strong fuel smell while its running.
    Will fire her up and have a proper smell haha
  7. hold a white piece of paper/rag behind the exhaust and watch it when it is stalling.

    the smell of fuel could be numerous things, most not that bad
  8. Just a small update...
    I ended up admitting defeat and got a mechanic to come out and have a look.
    Turns out there is no spark in the left cylinder when the bike gets hot.
    Hes taken it to the workshop to find out why.
    Will update again when the problem is found.
    Thanks to all for the advice given.
  9. I'll put some money on the electrical connector to the right handlebar switch block.
  10. I had a feeling that might've been the problem, but i did take it apart and the connections were all good...unplugged the loom and stripped the heat shrink off and there were no dodgy wires...so i dont know... Damn electrical gremlin's.
    Will update with what it turns out to be...you could be right, it might be the actual switch itself. But its in the workshop now
  11. ive got loose connection on ignition lead, that when it gets hot, or gets nudged will come loose
  12. Sounds like a dead coil. We had an xr something many years ago that would die when hot. eventually turned out to be a wire running too close to the exhaust. Move the wire to the other side of the frame and bike was fine.. These things are sent to try us.
  13. Just a small update...
    The mechanics been over the bike, all he could find was some corrosion on the CDI unit connectors, and a squished wire between the engine and mount.
    This wire goes to the 'thing inside the engine that tells it when to spark' (i forgot the name) ...sparker?? lol anyway...

    It only gets about 3-4volts thru it so he thinks maybe heat expansion could be causing problems..
    Replaced the wire and couldn't get it to die once hot.
    Had the fan cutting in so it was quite hot.
    Hotter than i ever got it so hoping he found the gremlin.

    Just gotta wait till i get some more coin to pay him, and i'll take it home for a ride.

    Only charged me $135 for almost 3 hours work and wire/heatshrink.
    Top bloke.
  14. If those are his usual rates, boy have I got a couple of jobs for him.
  15. Can i say who the mech was? Or against forum rules?


    Well i took her for a ride to gawler today.
    Think its fixed.
    30 odd kms and no problems.
    Except the speedo stopped working.

    So i guess if your zzr is having issues with spark/dying when moved or wiggled, check the wire to the stator?
    Thats all i got...

    Thanks to eveyone who threw out some suggestions.
  16. Go ahead, if you get good service from someone then give them a plug by all means. The rules are you don't have a financial interest in the company.
  17. Great.

    If anyone is looking for a mechanic in the barossa area, give this guy a call.
    82 Mt. Crawford Rd.

    Has a facebook page with his details + ph. No.

    Nice guy and he sorted me out.