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Another Z300 newbie from West Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by nakedninja88, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. Hay guys

    New rider here, 2 months in.

    Learned on a CBR125 but being abit bigger, it wasnt very satisfying.My new Z300 got delivered today!! Soo excited :)

    Been on here heavily since i got my license and im looking forward to learning sooo much more from you guys!

    Props for the great community you have built *thumbs up*
  2. Welcome, it's very exciting waiting on a new bike no matter how many bikes you have had or how old you are. It makes you feel like a kid at Christmas. :)
  3. welcome aboard :] nice looking bike the Z300
  4. Ohh it does . Had the biggest grin as soon as it came and the ride was sooo different than the 125 . Smoother, lighter clutch and im yet to find the difference between abs and non abs lol

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
  5. G'day and welcome,nakedninja88nakedninja88. As has been said, the delivery day of a new bike is a cause for celebration, congratulations.
  6. Welcome to NR..

    Nice bike there...
  7. Welcome and congrats on the new bike. You'll have a blast !!!
  8. Welcome to Netrider! You have a great looking bike there :)
  9. Burning that i cant take it out for a ride today due to the weather -.- thanks for the welcome guys.
  10. Welcome to the wonderful world of NR. I'm a learner with about 2 months under my belt from western syd too so if you ever want to link up for a ride let me know!
  11. Lets do it bro where abouts ?
  12. I'm from Merrylands my self bro, what about you?
  13. Im over in blacktown . Lets set this up soon when it stops raining
  14. Easy done my friend. This rain is killing my life right now. How you finding the naked ninja?
  15. oooo another blacktown rider, welcome, might see you around ;)
  16. Say hi if you do haha im over at mount druitt starbucks quite abit or eljannah haha
  17. Couldnt be happier bruvv . Way better than the cbr125 i started on.