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Another "Yet another, my new ride" thread, 675!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Morbo28, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. Alrighty, done!

    It's time to get off the trusty NSR150SP that has served me very well for the last 20 months! Tomorrow I pick up my 2007 Triumph Daytona 675 :grin: I have a Phillip Island track day booked for Sept, so I would prefer to take the NSR rather than risk this puppy, but it depends on if someone buys it first :)

    The Daytona's got 17,000Ks on it. Comes with true Xenon headlights, aftermarket suspension and a couple of other things like wave discs (meh) and fender eliminator and the sweetest sounding Two Brothers slip on.

    Here's some pics...when I took them I didn't realise I'd be buying it, so I took them for informational reasons, not for artistic merit!!




    Lookin foward to riding this puppy around, the test ride was bloody incredible. I immediately felt at home on this bike. I feel like I should quickly go to bed so tomorrow comes quicker :LOL:
  2. w00t congrats :p should pick mine up in a couple weeks... (White SE).

    What dealer is that? Do you ride much around on the weekend? I'm around Hawthorn/Glenferrie/Kew most weekends during the day (and doing yarra boulevard laps too) and have never seen an NSR.
  3. I got it from the fantastic guys at MotoHeaven on Nepean Hwy, East Brighton. Yep, I'm plugging them, but I only became friends with Adrian after I kept going back so much coz they are bloody great to deal with! I was pretty happy they had one I could buy.

    In fact there I had the oppurtunity to buy a bike for $1000 less (privately) , but bought it from MotoHeaven coz I feel a loyalty to them, there was a couple of better mods on this one, and they could deal with rego/stamp duty etc etc.

    Yeah I ride weekends and weekdays. But I park in a secure car park. Also I have only just moved (back) to Hawthorn a couple of weeks ago, having lived bayside for a while. I have seen two other NSR150SPs in this area. One on Power st, and another that parks at Swinburne uni. Also a female posty stopped me as I was parking on the footpath in Hawthorn, coz she had one and wanted to check out my bike :grin: I guess you notice them more when you own one.

    Sweet, man - I quite like the white. I was really keen on that grey/slate-type colour, but there's none around. I quite like black though. Show us some pics when you get it :grin:

    edit: we've got a pretty similar progression - small two stroke to 675...nice.
  4. fuk yeah!

    nice work!

    Wouldn't mind having a listen to your pipe too...

    Enjoy it.
  5. Cheers Brownyy,

    Yeah mate, I couldn't be happier. It has always been my dream bike, but I kept thinking I should get something a bit cheaper...then I thought...fuk it :LOL:

    For a difference of just a couple of grand, there was just no competition!

    Totally, you'll be able to grab a listen to the pipe, the YouTube recordings really don't do it justice. It was between this and a Jardine for me in terms of sound. I'll see you out and about at a NR ride, I'm sure :grin:

    edit: although I think I'll need to wear ear plugs even when commuting these days...it's not quiet.
  6. Congratulations on picking up your 675. I bought mine brand new 2 years ago and now have 23k on the clock. Best thing I ever bought. I don't plan on ever getting rid of it.
  7. Well yeah, that was one of my reasons for thinking "bugger it, I'll get the 675". I figured if I bought a 2000 F4 or something, I might want to upgrade in the future, so even moneywise I'd be better of just buying the bloody thing now!! :LOL:

    Glad to hear more advice that that was the right thing to do :grin:
  8. Looks very nice mate, hope you get a good price for your old bike
  9. Another one bites the dust.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of the triple. :grin:
  10. nice bike mate.

    do the track day on the 675. u wont ride the 150 again after this puppy.

    shiny side up :cool:
  11. nice chicken strips *sniff*
  12. I found the same when I rode a tripple, although it was a 1050 - something very confidence inspiring about the engine, the massively flat torque curve makes it just too easy to hoon about on :twisted:
  13. Congrats!
    Cant wait to join you on one of those puppies!
  14. Why is everyone calling it a puppy? :LOL: Can you make it beg, or will it lick you to death?

    Grats, very nice bike :)
  15. Congratulations on your bike there morbo. She looks stunning.
  16. How do you feel riding it?

    Im still hunting for my upgrade and everyone i talk to about the 675's say your so far forward its like your falling off the front.

    What do ya think?
  17. Cheers guys, will definitely have fun on this "puppy" :LOL:

    Yep, you feel really far forward. But when I was riding it I felt that I could do more kays on it than the NSR. It is a bit strange the way when you look down you sort of see the road and the outside of the screen, you have to look very steeply down to see the instruments - it almost feels like your head is past the instruments. So it does have that feeling that you are right over the front.

    I am thinking about putting 2" bar risers on it if I go on a multi-day tour if it turns out it gets too uncomfortable the way it is.

    But I really did feel at home on it. I loved the power delivery, especially coming from a peaky, small capacity two stroke. Rolling on the throttle in a high gear at 60kph provided a solid response. Getting used to the different geometry might take a few rides. But that triple sound is intoxicating :grin:
  18. im interested to know how this bike goes performance wise. how fast are you going when you wind out 1st?
  19. I've only taken it on a 30 min test ride (and the road was still a little damp) as I pick it up in (roughly) 2hrs and 38mins :grin: and to be honest, I was too scared to give any berries in first gear! I actually started to spin the rear a little in third, so I was short-shifting. I didn't take it above 8,500rpm on the test ride.

    I'm sure someone else with the bike could tell you, or it'd be on the net maybe? (Unless you wanna wait until I have the bike for a bike!)