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Another "Which LAMS Bike?" thread

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by braith7, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. Hi Guys,

    So im new, just started looking at bikes after getting my learners, im waiting to get my updated licence before i head off to a training place to work up to Q-Ride assessment for my RE Licence (thats another topic id like to ask about, thread coming on that some day soon :) ), but in the meantime drooling over bikes.

    Firstly let me say ive been doing a fair bit of reading and completely understand the "ride as many as you can and buy the one you like the best" response, and i intend to do just that. I guess by asking this question here im trying to get a feel for whether im on the right track, or whether i am about to do something silly.

    Ok, im a Brisbane based, 36yo, 180cm, 90-95kg guy, looking to spend 5-7.5k (although getting away with a bit less wouldnt hurt) on a nice Naked bike. It will be used to commute a few days a week and the odd weekend ride on my own or with friends / groups, and carrying a pillioin passenger is not something i expect to be doing any time in the near future. I used to ride dirt bikes as a teenager but it was so long ago and so different to road bikes, lets just say i have no experience.

    Im not into finding the fastest crotch rocket allowable or the cheapest AtoB rust bucket that will get me through my restricted period, I want this bike to be something i like...

    Which brings me to show my cards... Ive always liked bikes, more specifically what i think of as designer bikes - Moto Guzzi, Triumph, BMW R Series, and.... Ducati - specifically the Monster. While I love the thought of riding and enjoying the rider-life, I would enjoy the ownership of a nice bike a great deal. Unfortunately, due to LAMS restrictions, money constraints, and general availibility / model age, there arnt many bikes from that list that i can obtain and still have a dependable, responsible, first bike. Pretty much just a Monster, which is ok because i have wanted one since about 2002 i think :)

    But just because ive always wanted one doesnt mean its the best bike for me, and im open to look at others. As far as the Monster goes im looking at the 620, love the design, around the right price, etc, but for the rest of the shortlist, in terms of size, i would have thought 400 and up, but you guys seem to talk about 250s a lot... im not sure that would be enough for my size? I sat on a VTR250 once years back and it felt like a kids bike.

    After a lot of reading here a CB400 has filtered onto the shortlist as well, pretty nice looker, good rep from what ive seen, and pretty new for the money - a real possibility.

    An older bike on my shortlist that i havent seen discussed here at all... a GB500tt. An import, which seems to be something people shy from, and quite old in comparison to others im looking at, but oh so pretty with its cafe racer looks.

    One that comes up a lot here that im not into is the GS500, not doing it for me sorry.

    So really, it stands at Monster 620, CB400, and GB500tt at the moment with the Monster being the sentimental favourite.

    Do you think the Monster is a good fit for me? Pros/Cons on any of these, or any that you think I should be concidering? Im really interested to hear peoples thoughts.

    Thanks for your time.
  2. Your thinking too much. The monster will be a great bike for u
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  3. Monster and CB400 both good bikes, very different to sit on and ride. Go get whichever one you like the most and get one and stop thinking, start riding, get a second hand one in good nick, you can always change later.
  4. Ok, thanks for the feedback guys, i'll def try both out but the CB would have to feel pretty awesome for me to turn my back on the Monster :)

    So i was expecting a bit of a hammering for being a Monster fan, I havent seen anyone suggest the 620 for a good first bike, and any mention of Ducati seems to stir sniggers from some - so Im glad to hear a couple of people say im on the right track.

    Now all i have to do is find a good one for sale :)

    So anybody else want to weight in?
  5. Ha ha, the forum has censored me... i didnt mean what it thinks i meant, i promise :)

    Maybe instead of sniggering i should say chortling?
  6. I went through all that 3 weeks ago.

    If you are still to do lessons/assessment, QRide down near Logan through InBalance - Great company - highly recommend them. I settled for a cruiser (Yamaha XVS250) My advice - if you already have a notion or idea about what bike - pursue it. Listen to advice, but don't get talked out of something. Consider opinion - but decide for yourself. Ride it first. And try to get a few rides in different conditions, and for 15mins minimum at a time.
    I found my core muscles and mid back and hips were letting me know they were there (after me never having exercised them - at least in the last 25+ years) but this should not last. Might be different for you.

    Most of all, good luck mate. It is a helluvu fun time. Enjoy!(y)
  7. The monster sounds like a good option. I too am looking at it for the same reasons. Happy riding!
  8. the only monster a man should ride is a Ducati - there, I said it
  9. In the end buy the one that moves your soul . Biking is and will always be an emotional experience.

    You will have to spend a few years with your choice, so make it count. Don't settle for second best
  10. lol I see this is a zombie thread, back from the dead and none of us noticed....
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  11. The Guzzi V7 models seem to review well and have a different look and character to the run of the mill stuff. If you can find one that fits your budget it'd be a good start to your road riding life.
    Those Ninja 250/300 are popular for a reason too, good value and quite a decent bike.
  12. Aaaaaarrrggghhhhhhh! I've succumbed to zombies.
  13. Quick.....recite bible passages and throw holy water.....
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  14. Doesn't seem to have worked in The Walking Dead

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