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(Another) Which Boots for a Wide Foot Thread

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Geoffrius, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Folks,

    Firstly - sorry to start another thread, but I haven't found an alternative thread which deals with this issue specifically and in detail.

    I've just started out (did a training day last Sat and have Q-Ride this Sun) and I wore a pair of RM Williams dress boots that are super wide (4EEEE 10.5's). After just 6 hours on the bike - they're pretty stuffed and I know they won't offer any protection or last in the event of an off.

    Today I went to a couple of stores here in Brisbane to look at boots - I tried Alpinestars, Dri-Rider and Sidi in 10.5, 11, 11.5 and 12's - but nothing seemed to fit right. (Usually too tight in width, or too long). :nopity:

    I'm basically thinking about getting a pair of military boots (probably Bates or Magnum). Waddya reckon - should I go with military boots - or just try and jam my giant foot into an off the shelf boot and be done with it?



  2. Try going a less mainstream brand, Rossi or something like that, being uncomfortable in your gear can be a dangerous thing as it takes your mind away from the actual task or riding, I wouldn't go with a pair of boots that didn't fit right.
  3. Magnums would be better than nothing; not much in the way of ankle protection for twisting / impact injuries though.
  4. Thought I'd update this - went on the scrounge today all over Brisbane to find a good pair of riding boots. Last stop on the list: Hi-Side Leathers at Salisbury.

    They had a pair in stock that fitted - and for a small fee, Phil is going to modify the top of the boot so it wraps around my calf completely. Ended up being about $330 including the alteration.

    I think the brand was Shift (will confirm when I pick them up in 2 weeks). Boot was comfortable and had armour in the right places without crushing my foot.

    So if you're in Brisbane - and have a 4E width foot - check out HiSide Leathers @ Salisbury. Seems like a good crew in there too.

  5. Hey mate Hi Side is where I bought my Neds Kevlar Jeans. Great to see you got a pair of boots that fit. Staff there very friendly, and just "down the road" if your a southsider!!!
  6. As mentioned previously, I have a wide foot (4E) and found it hard to fit into normal off the shelf boots. I ended up dropping into Hi-Side Leathers @ Salisbury who had just had a pair of Swift Torsion-X boots come in - they fitted great, but needed a bit of adjustment to fit my fat calf :cool:

    Pics below if you're interested.
    Outside of the RH boot:

    Instep on the RH boot (the extra bit in the middle was to accomodate my calf):

    Front on:

    So if you've got a wide foot - check out the Swift Torsion-X range.


  7. Nice boot.
    I have a wide foot. And have always found the Sidi's to fit well. And they come apart so you can buy new bits instead of having to replace the whole boot.
  8. Its great they were able to modify them for you.

    Definitely a good idea going proper motorcycle boots instead of military boots.. As mentioned above military boots are not designed to prevent ankle injuries, which are the main type of riding injury. Furthermore they are not designed to be abrasion resistant and the effectiveness of steel caps is debatable.. a lot of people seem to think they do more harm than good.