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Another which bike

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Jay77, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. OK so the faithful XVS650 Custom has to go, work is going to keep me busy till the end of the year but when i get my free time back I will want to purchase 1 of the following. And as ever, I look to you folks for opinions.

    XVS1100 Vs XVS1300

    Take looks out of the equation, and focus mainly on mechanics, whats the difference? I like torque, so should I just forget these two and look at 1800's maybe?

  2. Take them both for a ride and buy the one you like the most.

    Actually forget that, ride everything you can get you bum on, and then buy the one you like the most.
  3. 1300 200cc more power and efi
  4. I've never had an issue with my 1100, but EFI would be nice.
  5. 1800 minimum for a cruiser.
    and no i am not joking.
  6. I second the 1800 minimum comment.

    When I was looking to buy I was thinking the 1300, but test rode the Yammy 1900 just for stamps. While the 1300 is fun, the 1900 blows it away in terms of power. When you're on a big bike you want that punch, you'll regret it if you don't.

    EFI all the way too.
  7. I have the 1300 and couldn't be happier. Done 20,000 k on it since new. EFI, water cooled and ceramic pots make this a more tech advanced bike than the 1100 and in my opinion will last a lot more k's
    Comfort is ok but i have put on a mustang seat with a back rest and spend 6-8 hours in the saddle no problems. I also put a screen on it and a set of saddle bags. Power is great and at 100k's it is just above idleing in top gear. More power can be gained by swapping pipes and altering the air intake, I havn't done this as i'm happy with the stock set up.
    Spend the few extra $ and get the 1300
  8. Totally agree here. If you don't go beyond 1300, then get that over 1100 just for the tech.