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Another which bike thread?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by TunaBrine, May 23, 2014.

  1. G'day all. As the thread says I'm just after a few ideas and possibilities of what to get for my next bike.

    I currently ride a SV650 and while I'm happy with the power/weight/handling of it, I'm a bit fed up with getting blown all over the place on my usual commute of about 100km of highway riding. We'll that's my excuse for a new bike anyway and I'm sticking to it.

    So what I'm after is basically a fully faired bike, preferable a 4cyl that probably has been around for a while so I shouldn't have too much trouble finding one for a ok (cheap) price. A bike with the looks/weight/handling of a sports bike without the 100+hp and insurance premium to go with it.
    I can think of a few examples at the moment that each have pro's & con's.

    Honda CBR650R: My dream bike I reckon, pity its not out yet and I couldn't afford one even if it was.

    Kawasaki 650R: Really like the style, bling bits available. Personally not fussed on the parallel twin engine.

    Suzuki GSX650F: 4cyl motor is a plus but might be a bit on the porky side.

    Not really concerned with age as I don't have a lot of coin to spend. Would even look at late 90's bike etc.
    What do you all think?
  2. Suzuki Bandit?
  3. +1 on Bandit. 1250S is a great bike, plenty around, easy to look after and will eat your commute.
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    How about this ?

    Or this that is on this site in the forsale section , it has a fairing with a little more power than your 650 has
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  5. A cbr600f would have most of the traits covered that you've mentioned
  6. +1^^^^^
    Or an F4i even better. Seen a few good examples on eBay for around $3k
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  7. Fully faired bikes are lousy in crosswinds. Remember riding down the Hume on my old Ninja 1000. Not fun. Found the Speed Triple much better.
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    A few ideas there thanks.
    Personally don't like the looks of the Bandit, the SV-S with the bellypan and hugger looks ok though and if I got one the same colour as my bike now the missus might not notice. ;)

    The CBR600F or the F4i are definitely up there as well. I wish the Yamaha FZ6S came with a bit more of a fairing that would be on the maybe pile.
    My cousin kept trying to offload his old YZF600R to me, I should of taken up his offer he was virtually giving it away, but I wanted to go naked at the time.

    Yeah your probably right, more surface area to catch the wind.
    The only real experience I have with fully faired bikes is on my old cbr250rr. Any wind would blow that thing around. Fun bike though, wish they still made 250's like that.
  9. If you are worried about side wind I don’t think it matters what you buy. I have ridden all sorts of bikes over the years on the road. My FJ1200 is 260 kg dry and with my 100 kg and my wife’s 75 kg is 435 kg rolling down the road. It’s the weirdest feeling riding a straight road in a westerly wind during August leaning over to counteract it, lots of fun when you get the hang of it. Just call it character building. You could put a motor in one of these.
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  10. Mmm f4i .... One of the best bikes ever created
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  11. Also consider vfr800 and cbr1100xx, both very capable bikes.
  12. What annoys me a bit is the fact that we don't get the full powered model's of some of the bikes, only the LAM's versions. An unrestricted fz6r for example would probably be a good seller.
  13. +1 on the VFR
  14. Thanks, had a look at the various web sites there is a few VFR's for sale and not too bad prices as well.
    I'm not a big bloke so I'm not sure if some of these bikes mentioned may be too much bike for me. I'll have to start trowing my leg over some of them to find out.
  15. I would avoid the GSX650F - It's a fat bastard at ~240KG, and only a LAMS machine.
    That said the one I test rode on my P's went and handled fine.
  16. Yeah i realise weight would help provide stability but 240kg. No thanks.
  17. Not many here in Oz but very popular in the UK is the CBF1000 aka CBF1000F. Basically a detuned blade half faired with abs. Only the 2008 made it here but they are still in production. Same boat as the bandit really.
  18. Just not keen on the half faired bikes. If they have a belly pan readily available to fit it could be an option though.