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Another which bike Q ZZR or GS500F

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mainstage, May 18, 2008.

  1. HI all ''

    After deciding on the Kawasaki 250 ZZR with a couple weeks looking and searching ,

    We now have LAMS coming and I like the Suzuki GS500F .

    So what do you Think ?? with 75% freeway rideing and the rest around town .

    I'am 6.1 88kg With all your experience Which bike .?

    thank's up-front ,,,mainstage
  2. Another which bike

    Hi Mainstage

    I can't talk for the ZZR 250 but I currently own (and have for sale) a GS500F, 2004 model, which is a great ride. Whilst I am not as tall as you a few of my friends of similar size to you have ridden and learnt on it (when I used to live in NSW) with no trouble.

    Mechanically they are awesome bikes, this is my second one as I had an unfaired one that my partner learnt to ride on.

    My bike is a great commuter it gets about 440 kilometres from a 17 litre tank without having to go to reservse.

    At easter I rode around Tassie on it and it was great it didn't miss a beat.

    With LAMS coming in on 1/7/2007 in, definately go up from the 250 you won't be as frustrated, you will also get a better weight for your size (GS is 174kg dry weight)

    PM if you are interested in the bike.

  3. Both.. at the SAME TIME :tantrum:

    But seriously, for what you've described the GS is far superior.