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Another which bike is for me question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Jimi, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. Hi All,

    I am another newbie :D and am looking for my first bike. I have my heart set more or less on a naked bike, particularly the Suzuki Bandit, mainly because it feels most comfortable. I am 6'5 and 108kg, so am reasonably restricted as I need something biggish, but can only get a 250.

    I am another one of those stories which involves having little money and the family all against it, mainly because I am saving all my cash to get out of the olds house!!! :(

    Does anyone have any advice on bikes/finance or similar stories to lift my spirit...? At the moment I am really considering selling my car for a bike.

    I would look to spend up to about $4500 on a bike, and it would be my commuter/fun/everything...

  2. Howdy, and welcome to Netrider.

    Since you said money is tight, does the above figure include your $1,000 - $1,500 for gear (helmet, gloves, jacket, boots, etc.) so it's roughlt $3,000 for the bike, or do you have some more money above the $4,500 to spend on gear? Or maybe you already have the gear?
  3. Welcome to the forum Jimi! :D
    $4500 to spend on the bike alone should get you something pretty decent....
    Have you got all your gear yet? Probably the best advice I've heard given is to work out your budget, and buy your gear first (helmet, jacket and gloves as a minimum) - then use what's left over to buy the bike.
    The bandit isn't a bad bike from the little I've heard - a mate of mine has a 2003 Bandit 1200 and he hates it, but that's only because he prefers the Blackbird he had before he bought the Bandit. :)
  4. jimi
    welcome to the site
    bandit is a nice bike , did you look around and if so how hard ?
    anyway , not many people have the money sitting in cash to go out and buy a new bike , so you are not alone.
    if you have looked around the forum you will see we have a coffee night on fridays in the city .
    turn up , chat with the people , sit on a few bikes , get advise . etc
    and it costs you nothing .

    DONT think because you havent got your bike yet you are not welcome , feel free to turn up , you might just pick up some advise that just might save your life .
  5. Don't ditch the car!!! Not whilst you're a learner - I really think that would be a bad idea. If you get through your Ls, Ps, etc and THEN decide to ditch the car AND the 250 for something else, think about it then. Not now, particularly as you're looking for a cheaper bike, and it may or may not be reliable (you never know...), plus you may find that you want to go places that are too far for you (at this point) on the bike.

    You're doubtlessly going to get all manner of suggestions here, but I understand your specific requirements (size-wise). You're as tall as me but a good deal lighter.

    Do you know what SORT of bike you want - sports, cruiser, etc - yet ? You may find that your height makes some makes/models awkward for you, and believe me, I know how you feel!

    I have an XV250 (baby cruiser) which isn't too bad - everything is fine (size-wise) bar the seat position, which could do with about a 6" shift backwards for me.

    A lot of people will probably try to point you to the Across and say its good for taller riders - I advise you to sit on one and see for yourself. They weren't any good for me.

    Finally, the advice about "gear first, bike second" is the best advice you'll get. If you have your gear and $4500 budget for a bike, you're laughing. If you still need your gear, your bike budget will be more like $2500 + ORC, as gear for you will probably NOT be cheap (mine wasn't!!).

    Best of luck finding a bike. BTW - where in Melbourne are you - you may find someone nearby who can provide some more area-specific advice.
  6. Please excuse Groberts and his typos, i think he meant "Don't think" :D but you will have to get use to Groberts grammar :roll: :p
  7. ooops , i will go back and fix that , thanks flopper :LOL:
  8. Oh, i have a new name??? I thought it was haggis :LOL:
  9. that too :wink: :LOL:
  10. hey dude, the bandit kicks ass :)

    i had a 95 bandit that i just sold for $4K so you should be able to pick something similar up for that money. you can up the seat height on the later bandit by a bit by getting a rear shocker off an earlier bandit. makes it ALOT more comfy for taller ppls and also helps with the handling quite a bit too. just make sure you get a RWC with it, for that money, it should DEFINATELY come with one. you dont want the hassles of having to replace brakes etc just to get it in your name.

    i also know a bloke that is selling brand new two piece leathers for $550 and gloves for $55. full CE approved armour and knee sliders aswell. they're not alpinestars, but they're shitloads better than any textile stuff you can get. let me know if you want to get on to him....
  11. Welcome to the forums Jimi. As voyager suggestes, don't sell your car for a bike. As for gear, don't suppose you have a partner who would like to buy a XS dririder? :D :p
  12. If you're after a naked, don't go for a boring old Bandit, try one of these instead 8)
  13. Welcome to the forum Jimi best advice sit on lots & see what feels right! go to all the dealers check em all out come along to coffee lots of different L bikes there to try then shop around carefully I bought mine privately gr8 price & gr8 bike for me! Search the threads in here for advice on protective gear lots of gr8 tips on style fit & price! best tip I've read in here came from a fallen rider "Dress for the fall NOT the ride!"
  14. Hi and Welcome!!

    If you are planning on moving out I would recommend hanging onto the car if possible. You are going to need something to transport your shopping and move furniture.

    At the very least you are going to have to add a tank bag or rack to your bike shopping list.

    And of course you have the expense of live away from home, which will be much more than you realise.

    Check out this page for all your options:

    If you are looking for a dependable, low cost bike go the CB250 (same bike you did/will do your Learner Course on), or you might luck out and get a VTR250 within your budget but you'd have to be pretty lucky.

    Kez is right though, get your gear first, Helmet, Gloves, jacket and I would include bike pants as well (large scars of mine prove the need for them) and makeing sure you have ancle high leather boots is also a good idea. Once you have that sorted out, look at what cash you have left and get the bike. If you can't afford the gear you can't afford the bike.

    Perhaps have a look at this site too
  15. i just looked up a few of the bikes i have ridden on this site , and it is bollocks .
    his stats are wrong , details are wrong , facts are wrong .
    not a very reliable site .
  16. While not 100% accurate it is the best listing of 250 cc bikes around. And the description of the bikes is reasonable - i.e. he (she??) emphases the speed if speed is the main 'selling point', or emphases reliability on others.

    What facts were wrong anyways? I've noticed a few, but nothing to make me say the site is bollocks and useless.
  17. alot of the bikes are no longer available , and unless he owns a bike shop , couldnt possibly ridden all of those bikes.
    He reflects his opinion on speed but even when he talks about other things he is no where near acurrate

    take the across for example :
    4 cyl. Power range in 11500 to 14500 RPM.
    7000rpm-16000 rpm
    Similar to the GSXR250 which runs out of puff at 185km/hr.
    Complex motor and therefore higher servicing on the F model at least. incorrect
    No centre stand. thats true
    Dry weight 163kg, which helps for longer distances but arguably a comfortable bike., bollcks, doesnt help for longer distances , across has shorter fuel range to start , and when going through the twisties etc , you have to muscle the bike more than most lighter bikes, and is for seat one of the most uncomfortable bikes in seating , but not in positioning .
    Sporty feet position. Small 12 litre tank,
    10lt tank and 2 reserve
    but great helmet compartment (put your Macca's or KFC in the via drive through).

    he hasnt ridden this bike to get a feel for it , he is going by articles written and forum comments by the looks of it .

    thats just 1 of them and there are many others.
  18. The weight would help to a degree - more weight = less being blown in the wind. I don't know about motors. On the whole I wouldn't say he was grossly innacurate, just misled on two point (weight and comfort). I would say that the across is much more comfortable than my old fzr - both for the seat and position!

    As for the listing of bikes - true many are no longer available but they can still be found in shops (rz250 - stopped in 1986, yet my housemate bought one 1.5 years ago).

    And if you notice on the home page he/she does say that if you have information to add then to e-mail your thoughts. So I doubt he has ridden them all, rather it seems like it is a collation of other peoples experiences.

    Note: I have nothing to do with this site at all. I have found it useful in the past to get a very quick idea of the bike. I have never accepted the words on this (or any other site or of any other person) as gospel. I need to see/feel/experience things for myself before I make a final decision.
  19. it is a largest list of 250, but is vey vague and open to interpritation .

    to get an i dea or picture of what a bike looks like it is ok , but i wouldnt be to tied up in the comments .
  20. As with anythign on the internet (from any source for that matter), read it but don't take it to heart. Then once you have the options start doing further research and eliminate things as you check them out yourself.