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Another 'Which bike for me' Thread

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by j-rad, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. LOL I can NOT believe I am about to ask this question.....

    But I am after some suggestions on a new ROAD bike.

    Size wise, I am 60kgs, 5'10", experience wise I started age 4 and road dirt bikes solidly for 20years, started riding road bikes age 23 on my then beloved 1996 GSXR750 (all bikes were legal for learners when I started...) which was the bike I rode 7 days a week commuting, also had it when we started Team Cunningstunts and also for track days too - most of my bikes in fact have been multi purpose and I never minded touring on the 750s either....

    Since then I've owned 5-6 GSXR750s, a very very fast 1000 and currently ride a very stock GSXR600 race bike. Am looking to enter 400s or Pro twins but that's covered....this is after all about my new road bike but sometimes some of the details above are missed when people ask this question, particularly the size/weight/riding style questions....so I don't say any of this to brag whatsoever, I just hope I have covered those questions!

    So now I'm ready to buy another road bike. At first and this hasn't changed, I just want something differrent to the usual Jap route. I locked horns with a Duke M'Strada and loved it - mentioned it to my dad and he said that's the bike he's looking at and that I could borrow his anytime - so the rationale for ME to own a comfy, decent 2 up bike suddenly went out the window....then again it'd be kinda cool for the old man and I to ride/own the same bikes....but

    I've ALWAYS LUSTED after the MV Augusta's - knowing that I could never really pillion on it and the fact it's more of a race bike means my head says no whilst my heart is screaming YES YES YES.......

    But if I were to stay with the whole 'race bike for the road' mentality then the Duke Panigale is also on the same list.

    Something in me says to get the more upright, less race orientated bike (as I won't be selling my race bike and have a dedicated dirt bike) so enter the likes of the Speed Triple (of which I know very little about as far as which models were the ones to get) the Duke Streetfighter which was the bike I was simply going to buy on specs/looks alone - then I rode it LOL I didn't like so much as it still felt too much of a race bike without fairings which if I am going the race bike route, the fairings are kinda important at 200+ - so enter the 848 S'Fighter which isn't avail yet...) but sounds like the bike the bigger brother should've been but am told nakid bikes aren't the best option for touring....but how bad does the lack of fairings really mean?

    Then there's some pretty decent offerings from BMW too but my knowledge around these is even less....So you can see my dilemma...

    Maybe this is better:

    1. I WILL NOT BUY A HARLEY/Cruiser style bike. It's about the only option I won't and can never consider.

    2. I need a bike that can have fun so wheelies, stoppies (ie good brakes) tunable suspension for proper knee down/fast cornering action, used for a little of the following: Commuting, touring, Snowies, maybe a track day or 2 on it....

    I'm happy to tour on the MV Augusta knowing my back and wrists are gonna hammer me as I'm still young enough not to care and the enjoyment from riding the likes of an F3/F4 or the Panigale far outweigh any negatives LOL

    Had a sit on the Speed Trip and felt at home immediately, unfortunately my experience is really only covering off the Jap options...also the MV is well above this on the 'dream' list, a list I'd never thought I'd get to fullfill....

    So throw some more at me??? :)
  2. Mate the Streetfighter 848 is already out and selling. There has been a thread going about it now for a bit. Is there a frasers down your way? The ones in Sydney and Newcastle already have them. The one in black looks the absolute bit.

    Compare the 848 SF to the speed triple and I think the Duke comes out on top. Slightly pricier yes, but it's lighter and it comes with Ducati's traction control. From all reports and reviews a great deal of kinks that came with the bigger brother SF have been ironed out for this one and all reports say it's quite a good road bike. A few reviews state the 848 will easily wheelie in first and second too, so that fits one of your criteria.

    It seems your budget is fairly well open, given you are looking at MV's etc. Are you wanting new or second hand?
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  3. Yeh looked through a number of threads on here but thought it was due March - well at least CMC / Canberra our Duke dealer said around then but no Demo available :( By all reports it'd be the bike to own over the larger brother, certainly the choice over the STREET Triple, but SPEED trip has the engine AND the riding position over the larger S'fighter........AND THE 2012 Speed Trip comes in the R version too....

    You certianly get a lot of bike for the $$ with the Trumpy's. . . .the ablitiy to do wheelies, well any bike can do wheelies with the right throttle/clutch/rider input so that's not so much a 'requirement' as the brakes/suspension/riding position is....even riding position I'd be willing to compromise on for the MV obviously....

    Price range is fairly open under 40K though - I will likely buy something second hand, low kms with all the mods done but am also open to buying new if I have/want to....
  4. Don't forget the Triumph is roughly the same price as the 848, but doesn't come with traction control. Like it or not, it can't hurt to have it there. I have looked at both the 848 and the speed triple and I have to say, in terms of fit/finish/quality, the Ducati wins hands down.

    The 848 and the speed triple only differ by ONE horsepower (133/132hp), but a little bit of a torque difference with the triple on top. It is a fair bit heavier though.

    Will be interesting to see what others think.
  5. Has the MV Brutale never crossed your mind??

    If you have been considering either the Streetfighter or the Speed/Street triple, this bike should be in your list of bikes to consider...
  6. I don't mind the look of it, but am finding it hard to swing a leg over one... :(
    Granted there may be a few bikes that I'd just have to bite the bullet on if brand new....

    One of the things I'm worried about with the nekkids is longer distance riding, speeds upwards of 140 (at the track of course;-) and feeling like I'm gonna be ripped of the bike as per the S'fighter...although perhaps this is what I need to slow me down some. . . . which was kinda the point of buying a road bike again after sort of swearing off them - I got the race bike for goin quick so I guess I'm just after something that I can still hook into the twisties on more than outright straight line speed...

    But damned those MVs/F4s and now the F3 new F4RR and even a Ducati have always been/become the dream (never thought I'd hear myself say I'd like a Duke..much less the Strada hahaha)..... this head VS heart thing is a PITA.

    I have 4 maybe 6 weeks until I could buy and I fear I will need at least that just to decide on what I want much less actually purchasing...but I will be getting something and something different to what I've always had....but I am stoked to be returning to the fold and look forward to some trips on whatever I get...
  7. Hmmm...T.Control is not really a deal breaker....IF I were still going the Strada then having the adjustable suspension for pillion riding/enduro modes etc would be awesome, but on sports/nakids. . . yeah I actually want to be able to back it in and play so I'd probably turn that off all the time....A motard would be a fun choice if I weren't touring on it....

    Mind you, the Ducati is higher on my list than the Trumpy for some reason. . . the 1-2 HP here and there doesn't fuss me too much, although the weight difference now there is something I like to avoid excess of!
  8. Might stir your loins...

  9. I have a 2011 Speed Triple, but haven't riden the 848 Streetfighter or Brutale so I can't make any comparisons to the others you are considering.

    Mine has the fly screen, and while I've no doubt it's mostly cosmetic, the wind buffeting is not as bad as you would think over 140.

    The 3 cylinder engine is a gem. The 2011 updates include decent brakes, excellent low speed fuelling, fully adjustable suspension, and less reach to the bars. The weight's been moved forward to improve handling, but I never pushed the older model on my test ride hard enough to notice this.

    It covers commuting and touring duties well. I'll know more about its track abilities in 4 weeks, but I imagine ground clearance and wind buffeting will be the big issues.

    Things I don't like so much? Well, the vibrations through the bars is noticable after a while. I find the seat a little low and would prefer the pegs back a bit (I'm 6'2). It's not as "manic" as the older model when you give it some off the bottom. Driving hard out of corners see's the front end get a little twitchy, and the mirrors are next to useless.

    All up, I'm really happy. You can happily tootle around in traffic without changing gear, or release your inner hooligan with a simple twist of the wrist. The 3 pot motor sounds fantastic with the arrow slip-ons (particularly on the overrun). The single sided swing arm and distinctive frame looks good (to me anyway).

    I kind of like that it doesn't have traction control, slipper clutch, quick shifter or ride-by-wire throttle. The model has stayed true to it's heritage - a solid, basic, well built bike that it thoroughly engaging.
  10. Husqvarna Nuda 900 R
    cheap introductory price, for a limmited time.
  11. super duke
  12. hey @j-rad i reckon a superduke would be a good bike for you. i race supermoto and its my street bike.

    really well balanced chassis with lots of feedback, radial brakes are very good for stock brakes, stoppies are easy as shit and with preload, compression and rebound adjust front and rear its a good ride. i cant remember if the rear shock has both low and high speed compression adjustment but i'd pretty certain it does.

    you can jump shit if you still want (it lands kinda harshly though) and backing it in is stupidly easy even without a slipper clutch.

    theres no wind protection, which i actually like. 230km/h seems to be about what it does in a straight line but they come over-geared as standard (wont hit the limiter in 6th) so im going to play with the gearing a bit.

    they make you do bad, bad things though and i'm losing my licence soon because of it ;)