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Another 'which bike for me' poll ... and the winner is....

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by RacingTurtles, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. ER-6f

  2. SV650

    0 vote(s)
  3. GSX650F

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  4. CB900 (Hornet)

  1. So, I've been trying to decide on my next bike and that clearly calls for a poll. Which bike should I get? Here are the rules:

    1. The most important consideration is the budget: *MUST* squeeze under $11,000 ON ROAD. This eliminates the likes of Street Triple or Honda's new Hornet or BMW F800 which I think would suit me, if only I could afford it.

    2. For the purpose of this discussion, we're looking at new bikes only.

    3. The engine: no limits on size, but somewhere between 650 - 900cc seems reasonable. I'm not fussed about the cylinder configuration, except that I would like more than one.

    4. Intended usage: commuting and occasional weekend away. I live in Sydney and have to contend with thick city traffic daily. I'm a conservative rider and as far as I'm concerned, any of the bikes I'm considering will have adequate performance for my needs. Also, I'm not worried about speed, ability to wheelie or handling at the limit - but I'm very interested in things like fueling on steady throttle and low revs since that's where I'm more likely to be. Nothing irritates me more than the bike surging and buckling under me when I'm trying to exercise my fine throttle control skills.

    5. Fairing or naked? Could be either way. Fairing is nice for more protection, but nakedness is nice in its own way... Not a deciding factor then.

    6. Important factors are comfort, all-around quality, economy and above all, reliability. I don't need the hassle and I don't enjoy fiddling with mechanical things at all, besides, I don't have a garage. So I just want it to run, above all I want something low maintenance... hence the absence of Hyosung on my list, and Royal Enfield won't cut it either.

    In the end, I've narrowed my choices to these four: SV650, ER6F, GSX650F or CB900. Some of the bikes that didn't make the cut were SV650S (uncomfortable position), Er-6n (too ugly) and FZ6 (I just don't like them. Besides, I think they'd be above my budget). Hyosung got a look in, but in the end got the boot simply on the grounds of lack of trust on my part.

    So... please discuss below. Feel free to assume I already know I should ride them all and make up my mind :) But test rides don't answer the questions regarding reliability, or long term liveability, or value for money.
  2. They all fit the bill.
  3. you would be mad to look at anything but the hornet.
  4. agreed.. if it's only out of those on the list.. the Hornet is easily the winner..
  5. Yeah, Hornet seems good for its biggest punch, and the fact that I like my CB250, so why not just get a bigger CB? :)

    But I'm also attracted to GSX650F - it seems comfy and smooth, fairings could be nice for longer trips and it has my favourite cockpit in this lot. But I'm concerned about its porkiness - not for the effect on performance, but on my ability to move it around and to handle it at walking speeds... I spend more time backing in and out of driveways and tight parking spots than just about anything else (or so it seems at times) - how it handles in these situations is quite important to me.

    Which is why I'm also attracted to ER-6 - it feels very light and comfortable.

    Finally I'm also attracted to SV650 with its lowest price of this lot and its long history ... it's a known quantity and I like that in my bike.

    It's hard to decide...
  6. i'm shocked & stunned you're considering bikes other than the Hornet!

    Buy one now!
  7. Go with SV.

    1. It's a v-twin. That means great sound, lovely torque/power delivery, and small but noticeable traction advantage when cornering.

    2. It's a very forgiving bike. Damn easy to ride.

    3. It has tons of aftermarket blings. Exhausts, adjustable pegs, gel seats, rear seat cowls, rear hugger, carbon bits, slipper clutch, steering dampers, Ohlins/Elka rear shock, GSX-R front end (for better suspension and brakes), fork valving/internals (front forks are pretty average like every bike you listed), TRE (some w/ a gear position indicator), etc.

    4. It's naked for unadulterated riding pleasure.

    5. It's cheap to buy/insure/maintain. That means more money for blings and suspension upgrades.
  8. Those are all very nice, very capable bikes, and you'll be very happy with any of them. Given the commuting focus I'd say the Hornet or the GSXF would be the top two, and given that reliability is a prime requisite the Honda would pip anything else, IMO.
  9. The first 3 bikes are reasonably sedate bikes.. However the Hornet is a bit of a sleeper. It has the old blade engine in it and is quite a quick bike. I rode one that a mate of mine was selling and i couldnt believe how responsive it was and twitchy i thought the throttle was.

    I would test ride them all if you can.

    In saying that though the Hornet is a class above the others. The other 3 are in a similar category to me. So i would definatley go the hornet over all those bikes, then my choice would be the GSX650F then probably the ER6..

    Have fun choosing your new toy.. :grin:
  10. If you're considering the SV then might also be worth looking at the V-strom, probably be a lot better suited to the sort of riding you're planning on doing.
  11. the er6 probably hasn't got many votes cause not many people have ridden them. they are a great bike!
  12. I really like the Hornet, but I'd go with the GSXF. Not only it has fairings, it might hold its value a little better as it is a new bike on the market. There's also a new CB1000 is just around the corner. I believe that it might a get a better mileage too, not something big enough to justify the pick though...
    Whatever you pick, I'm sure you'll be happy with!

    Ps: But there's something about the ER-6 that I really like!! :LOL:
  13. Me too. It feels small and light and some people absolutely love them. I'm surprised there aren't more voices in favour of ER-6. One thing I don't like about it is the under-body muffler which means you can never have a centre stand, not even as an after-market option. It's hard enough to get me to clean and lube the chain when I can lift the wheel off the ground... without centre stand, forget it - knowing myself I know it will never get done! How do you Er-6 owners deal with this?

    Another thing in favour of ER-6 is that I've got a Kawasaki dealer within an easy walking distance. Not the case with any of the others...

    If you're talking about CBF1000 - yes, it would suit me to a T. Unfortunately at 14-something thousand + ORC it's WAAAY above my budget

    As for V-Strom.. yes, I've considered it. It's not completely out of the picture either, but I don't know... it's all a matter of perspective but to me it feels really huge and tall and top-heavy. I would probably get used to it if I had to... but I don't really see much of an advantage over SV650 which feels quite natural and comfortable to me. (I'm not greatly interested in going off-road). The same goes for Versys - I checked it out too and yeah, I could deal with owning one but in the end if I was going to go with Kawasaki I think I'd rather get ER-6f and stay closer to the ground.
  15. Well, pretty much like every other owner of a bike without center stand does!! Either race stand, or "buddy stand" (the second is not highly recommended).

    What I meant about the CBF1000 is that it'll push the Hornet's value down a bit once it's released. I don't know how long you intend to keep her, but resale value is always something to keep in mind!

    Ps: What is really surprising is that no one has said: "Go and test-ride'em all!!! Buy the one that puts the biggest smile on your face!" Has that finally become obvious or people just stop trying to make others understand it?? :LOL:
  16. I hope it hasn't become obvious, because I think it's a bit silly. Picking a bike for a short ride for fun is one thing - sure, take the one that puts the biggest grin on your face. Long term ownership is something else because unless you're buying a toy, it's made up of other things besides short rides for fun. It's also longer rides, and those times when it isn't much fun but you still have to get there and getting the services or any repairs done etc etc....

    Picking your bike on the basis of 'grins' on a test ride is like marrying someone you've just met because they were great in the sack. Sure, great sex is important for a relationship, but there's hell of a lot more to it than that.
  17. CBF or CB1000R???? two very different bikes.

    and the CB1000R won't be in australia for ages.

    i'd go a kwaka z750 over the ER-6 myself, but that's just personal taste.
  18. The ER-6F is certainly a *very* nice bike, with a lot to recommend it. It's one of those nice things, a bit like the Street Triple, in that it's not one of the 'usual' formats (v2 or I4) and shares some benefits with each. It's light and flickable, looks great, should go for yonks and be cheap to run. I'd definitely recommend it - but in a poll you have to vote, and I still think that for your stated purposes the Hornet is the better and more versatile bike. But it's you that has to ride the thing, and I already said you'd be very satisfied with any of the bikes in this list.
  19. imo.....you will get bored with the 650 twin, imo the 1000 twin compares to a 600 i4, so to compare the 900 hornet with the sv650 is quite a miss match....

    I suggest you go ride each, you might find you luck the style of one motor over another :wink:
  20. Don't write off the ER6, I found that to be a very satisfying and invigorating ride around town, it's light and quick-steering and has plenty of power. The SV is a bit less fun but there's plenty of them around, so lots of bits at wreckers. Still, for its sheer ability to do any bloody thing you need, from trackdays to touring, commuting, thrashing and stunting... For sheer reliability, capability, confidence and joy of ownership, it's got to be the CB9.

    Forget the GSXF, it's a zimmer frame on wheels.