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Another "what do I buy thread"

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kojihama, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. So i'm just 2 months off my R's and i've done major research into all my bikes. I'm down to about 4 on my list. I haven't ridden any of these but have sat on them and I can categorically say i'm not a big fan of the sports bike riding position. Just too low for me. Although I may still buy one if the test ride goes well. Oh by the way i'm 178cm's and about 80kg's.

    Regardless, I had about 8 bikes on the list now i'm down to 4. The Yammy's were just too high and long, Kwaka's I was pretty much tippy toe and the Z750 felt more like a dirt bike riding position.

    Honda CBR600RR - Felt ok, though a bit forward still
    Suzuki GSXR600 - Feet were firmly on the ground but a bit too plasticky. I still don't mind the look.
    Daytona 675 - Didn't feel too low, seat was a bit stiff but that was about it.
    Street Triple R - LOVED IT, felt right, didn't sit too low, handlebars were at a comfortable position.

    End of the day, i'm leaning towards both the StripR and the Daytona. The Daytona seems to hold it's value and there are loads of 2009 models with less than 5,000k's on them for about $13,000. I could get one, add the Arrow slip-on's, cowl and register for single rider for about $14,500 ride away (pending negotiations of course).

    Alternatively, I could buy a brand new StripR. My dilemma though with the StripR is that I want: Arrow pipes, cowl, rear hugger, bellypan, front visor kit and the short levers. Based on the current discount pricing and the accessories and install of accessories it's around $18,500.

    End of the day, we have the cash, though it's quite a bit more than I want to spend. Is the $4,000 difference worth it?
  2. I was in a similar situation but insurance on the Daytona 675 was too much. The riding position for everyday riding (what I use it for) was way too aggressive. I went with QBE and the Street Triple R instead, they offered 2nd year of insurance free as it is their bike of the year. I guess test riding them both is the way to go. Got similar accessories too, belly pan, flyscreen, arrow slipons and rear hugger for now. They are way over priced for pieces of plastic but I felt the bike looked incomplete without them. Arrows sound great too. Couldn't be happier with the Street Triple R, put the fun back into riding for me. Daytona and other sportsbikes look sexy but not worth the discomfort for daily riding imo. Only thing bad I can think of is the wind buffering if you are coming off a sportsbike and the urge to ride like a hoon.
  3. Don't want to send you off on a tangent given that you have already narrowed the field but Grumply started looking at the Street Triple and ended up going for an Aprilia shiver
    There are some good prices available on the shiver now too I would highly recommend a look at it at least.
  4. I've done pretty much exactly what you did. But I'll get the arrows next service before summer hits and my arse gets toasted again. (first day of owning the bike was the hottest day of the year...)

    But as you might have seen there aren't a whole lot of STRs for sale 2nd hand. Which was one of the selling points for me, if I did need to get rid of it quickly, I knew it wouldn't be a problem, and I wouldn't drop too much money in the process.

    That, and the look effing horn, and, and, and...
  5. Yeah definitely, there was 1 STR on Bikesales / Trading Post in Bris and only about 6 all up in Australia.. all probably snapped up by now.

    Well my heart is pretty much set on it. My brain tells me we really shouldn't spend the extra 4k, but i'd rather buy something I love than buy something that i'd have to trade in after 2 years or so. Plus I just feel more comfortable on a naked road than a sports.

    Unless someone can suggest another decent naked road... quite frankly there's limited choice in that area which is disappointing. Nothing stands out like the STR and it feels like the competition just hasn't nothing remotely comparable... i've also looked at the GSR600 (butt ugly), the Z750 (tippy toes), the FZ6/XJ6 (too high / long) and the Honda CB600F (way too old, if they updated this i'd get one).

    Especially with a kid on the way (due 2 weeks after I get my R's LOL) i'm not sure I will get the chance to buy another.
  6. looked at a ktm 990sm/superduke?
  7. Would prefer to either stick with the Japs and i'm branching out with the Triumph. I sat on the Daytona again today... I was grinning like anything but then I sat on the StripR again and I forgot all about the Daytona.

    I have a feeling it's going to be the StripR.
  8. Yeah, you do really need to go ride stuff. It is one thing sitting on it in the show room, its another to be actually riding it. I would go look at the euro bikes, some might be 09 models and going cheap, worth having a gander at least.

    While this is a very contradictary comment, it doesn't matter what it looks like when you are on it, you can't see it unless you go driving past shop fronts in the city.
  9. Why not buy privately? There's a StripleR on bikesales in Sydney with arrow pipes on it already. 1500km, for 13 grand. Keep your eyes open.
  10. My advice would be go the tripple R, the daytona's arnt built for comfort and your already complaining about the aggressive riding position on other supersports, i fear that within a few months ud find the back aches to much, plus they arnt the most newb freindly..

    Tripple R brew, down the track with more experience you can always jump onto a supersport
  11. +1 for the KTM Superduke....i was very, very close to buying a street triple until i rode a SD. The ST3 was very nice to ride, good position, power came on progressively, looks great, couldnt fault it really...that was until i rode a SD. The SD is a big v-twin and it goes hard. You sit a little higher but beside that simular position. Now the problem with the ST3 was it was to sensible...the power came on as you would expect, nice, smooth, etc but just sensible. (I know you can have a lot of fun of a ST3 still) With the SD you get a big rush of power down low, twist and hang on...after riding it the first time i had a smile i couldnt get rid of all week.
    In the end your doing the right thing, riding or at least sitting on as many bikes as you. Everyone will like something different, enjoy whatever you decide on.
    Safe riding!
  12. Yeah, I just can't get a test ride until I get my R's. I agree that sitting on it won't give me a full comprehension of what they're like, but I think does factor in. If I don't feel comfortable sitting on it then no matter how good a ride it is; it will still be a negative.

    I sat on a Z750 again today and it just felt way too high, I couldn't get both feet on the ground... the fuel tank was nearly up to my chest... I felt like I was riding a dirt bike.

    It will be a risk to buy the Trumpy without having ridden it, but given the awesome review's from owners and the fact that second hand one's are rare as, it's a risk i'd be willing to take.

    Currently they also have $900 off on the TripR's and 50% insurance from QBE for 2 years.

    I need to offload my second hand GS500 and can't be bothered doing road worthy etc etc :) I did see that TripR in Sydney... it would've been easier if it was in Bris.

    Thanks for all the help everyone... it does help me think through it a bit more. Much appreciated.
  13. Yeah, I can see the discount as an advantage, but you'll drop more than you would save if you don't like it, especially going to trade it in for something else. Sure the chances are VERY slim you wouldn't like it, but when you are spending $15k+ you want it to be right the first time. And if you are only 2 months off, I'd go ask how long both the deals are running for. Adding to that again I would assume the 2011 makes would be coming out soon? Don't know if there are any changes, but something to keep in mind. Might be worth holding off for that.
  14. Already asked. The insurance deal ends Nov 1.. I go for my test Nov 2. The $900 discount is basically their '10 model run out until the '11 comes out. They can't guarantee this and it's on a monthly basis at the moment.
  15. Well... my local dealer has been keeping an eye out and they found an 09 StripR with 12,500k's on the clock. Graphite with bellypan, front visor kit and tank pad, rad guard and are asking $12,500.

    I've looked at the StripR's elsewhere in OZ and it seems a reasonable deal considering it's favourable for me to trade in instead of selling privately (bike needs work and rego). K's are a bit higher than most others but it's something I can deal with. I would've preferred Orange or Black but colour is also something I can deal with if I can get the bike I want (and all the accessories I want) for about 3k less than brand new.