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Another what bike thread… with a twist

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by backmarker, May 15, 2008.

  1. Here I am, a poor foolish lad riding a scooter. A goal in life is to get a proper bike to enjoy. I have the licence, but obviously when I get a bike I’m going to definitely be a learner.

    In reality I will have an unrestricted licence by the time I get a bike – it’ll be a little while yet, but I like to dream!

    So, should I get a LAMS bike coz they’re learner bikes, but also inflated in price because…. they’re learner bikes? A GS500 comes to mind, but I’m thinking it is a LAMS bike for a reason, so probably will get boring.

    Or are there good bikes out there that don’t happen to fit the LAMS scheme, but are still good to learn on?

    I’m not going to be looking for a full-on sports bike, but a bike for commuting, heading into the hills a bit, and that can do an occasional longer highway ride. So what’s the perfect bike for a learner with a full licence, a bike that can be kept a while without forever feeling like a learner bike?

  2. SV650 or ER-6. In the US both are considered decent choices for beginners, yet both are said to keep advanced riders (as opposed to advanced posers) happy for as long as it takes.
  3. Honda Deauville perhaps, the newer 700cc model is now over the capacity limit to be LAMs legal.
    Also be worth looking at the Suzuki V-strom 650 and GSX650F.
  4. Congrats on your move to the dark side of two-wheels ..

    Have You considered a 600 Hornet ?
  5. There's only one bike to consider the Suzuki GSX650F, it is without question the best value motorbike in the world. One of only a handfull of bikes to ever get a 5 star rating too.

    Try one out and see for yourself.
  6. Another vote for the ER 6 :grin: They are just simply bloody good fun to ride.
  7. Hornet 900. Your granny could ride one, and it does everything well.
  8. My requirements were pretty similar to yours so when making the decision for myself I considered the same bikes as those mentioned above: SV650, ER-6, GSX650F, CB900... for what it's worth I chose ER-6N and you can read the details of how and why in this thread
  9. Anything detuned.. probably stay away from thou cc though.

    er6, sv650, gsx650f, fz6n/s, cb900 (hornet, this is most ballsy of the group), cb600, zzr600.. pretty much anything 600cc ish that doesn't have too many Rs in it :)
  10. Hmm, I resemble that comment.

    I reckon it might be a little much as a first bike but that depends on your self control I guess. :)