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Another what bike should I get thread...600..700...1000??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Anon, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. I'm a bit of a long time lurker but first time poster :)

    I've recently got my full bike license and its time to upgrade....with the question thats been asked many a time over...wtf do I get.

    Now I've been doing the research and done trade studies on my options (what else do ya expect from an engineer), and has sorta settled on something.....but I thought I'll throw it open to the crowd to see what ya think.

    Basically I have a CBR250RR with some mods, and been riding full on for 2 years. I know I only ride it to within 30% of its capabilities, but still something thats a bit less old with a bit more grunt is on the cards.

    60% of the life of the bike will be spent commuting, with a 30 min reasonably flowing ride each way. 20% will be spent squirting around the streets, 10% through Adelaide Hills twisties, and 10% will be on the track.

    I'm 165cm tall and medium build, so I don't have a big arse that needs hauling.

    I want a sports bike....I don't think 600s will fit the bill too much cos I'll need to wring their necks in traffic. I could go a thou, but I like cornering, and I'm not excited too much by seeing how fast I can get to 200km/h on public roads. So perhaps something between the two is the go.....now...I was all settled on a daytona 675 cos I'm a bit of a technical purist rather than a poser and liek to be different....until peter stevens slashed the prices of their bikes bringing some thou bikes under the price of a 675. Also mates with K7 GSXR-1000 and 03 R1 are telling me to go for a thou, coz I'll be used to the power of a 600 and want a thou in 3 months time.

    So now with thinking of going one way, but being told I'll regret it....what does everyone think?
  2. go to every bike shop in your area or make a list of what bikes you would like and go sit on all of them.
    then if possible, take them out for a ride and see how you go.
    you say you aint gonna use it to its for potential, then why would you need a 1000. i've got a 675 and have had it for 5 months and have never thought about upgrading.
    its all comes down to what you feel comfortable on and how much you willing to spend. you won't know how to explain to others why you pick the bike you did but you just know deep down inside.
  3. For some bikes such as Ducati's and BMW's, and to a lesser extent Aprilia's and Triumph's, if the purchasing decision involves a pure "bang for the buck" criteria then all of those manufacturers will lose out.

    From what you've described of your riding needs though, I'd say that the Triumph Street Triple 675 is exactly what you're after. Said bike has been proven to get around a race-track as quickly as a GSX-R600, but is immensely more practical for commuting and street riding. The 675 motor really does have litre-bike like midrange and you won't miss being on a litre-bike unless you regularly want to exceed 180kph on the road which is the sorts of speeds at which a litre bike will start to maul a mid-capacity bike.

    The Street Triple is also very narrow, and therefore better for squeezing through traffic.

    I "downgraded" from an R1 to my Daytona 675, and to be honest, I've not missed the litre bike's power, and in fact the Daytona has even more low-down grunt than the R1 had. The Street Triple is geared slightly lower and retuned for even greater mid-range punch, and I've done numerous roll-on tests on the 675 against 900 and 1000cc I4's, and the 675 mauls them in 4th to 6th gear roll-ons, level pegs in 3rd, and is scraping their rear wheels in 2nd. No wonder I don't miss the litre bike's power. Sure, at race-track speeds the super-sports run out of steam a little more quickly down the straight, but with careful gearing selection it will all come down to the rider as to whether or not a super-sport or a litre-bike is quicker.

    On the public road where bulk power rarely counts for anything, it's the lighter weights that rule the roost.

    As the Triumph advertising slogan says: "Go your own way". Really - don't be afraid to get what your heart desires. At the end of the day, it's more fulfilling to act on your own desires than to live under the thumb of other's prejudices.
  4. Suzuki GSX-R 750 or a Honda CBR 600RR

    Both bikes are good out of the box. Good reputation for reliability.

    The 750 is a kind of the best of both worlds bike.

    The CBR is a good commuter/fun bike and not purely track focused like the other 600's.

    The sport 1000's don't really make good commuters cause of the fuel consumption. One guy at work sold his gixxer thou, to buy an '07 CBR and a 95 250RR and has not regretted it. He's got the option of going fast or really fast whilst still getting around 200km/tank.
  5. this may be a stupid question but what the hell makes you think that you'll have to wring the 600's neck in traffic??? 1st gear alone will see your license disappear rather quickly. Apart from that, you ride a 250cc buzz box at the moment. A modern 600 sports bike with 3 missing spark plugs and a blocked exhaust pipe would still eat that for breakfast. :LOL:

    Reality is, there is 2/5ths of fu#$ all difference between a thou and a 600/750 on the streets.

    Jeez man, you make it sound like a thou cant go around a corner and a 600 cant outrun an Kia.

    Look at it this way.

    1000cc probably 3.2s?
    600cc probably 3.4s?

    Not much in it eh?

    1000cc probably 170kg ish?
    600cc probably 165kg ish?

    Hmmm, not too much in it is there?

    Noticing a trend here? Nope. Neither am i. Buy the bike that feels the best when you ride it.

    Get quotes on insurance too.....

    Oh and if your worried about fuel consumption, a 600 will technically drink less than a 1000 but reality is there isnt much difference between them. a 600 could drink more than a 1000 depending on how the two were ridden. Either one will drink a sh1t load more fuel than your 250.
  6. ive had my gixxer 600 for 6years and have never regretted it. if you ring its neck around town youll be in jail pretty quick.modern 600's are damn fast man..
  7. Wring its neck was probably the wrong wording. What I meant was that I've heard with 600s that you have a choice of 1-2 gears that would feel right, where a thou might have 2-3....so you sorta need to work the box the gears a bit more and keep the revs up a bit higher with a 600.

    Even if wring my 250s neck I'm gonna loose my license somewhat quickly.

    In regards to turning, I have no impression that thous turn like the titanic...just that by simple mechanics a lighter bike will be more nimble than a heavier bike.

    Insurance wise there was about $250 in it for memory, between (as a reference) a CBR600RR and a CBR1000RR...about $650 vs $900 a year.

    My cbr250 is a thirsty bastard doing around 7L/100km, so I'm expecting about the same.

    Thanks for your replies...funnily enough no one said '1 litre all the way'.
  8. the best thing i done was getting my 600 b4 i got my 1000.i learned heaps,and they have plenty of power to keep you happy,specialy after a 250. On a side note my gsxr600k2 is 163kg dry, my gsxr1000k6 is 166kg dry and handles heaps better! has so much power though,in a different league.
  9. It depends on the motor. The 675cc Triple engine in the Triumphs breaks that mould/assumption/rule. The motor will pull well, even from as low as 40kph in 6th gear up a hill. You'd have to be a total klutz to get yourself into a position where the 675cc triple motor won't pull cleanly. I've ridden through mega-tight twisties, such as the tight stuff between Lake Mountain and Cumberland Junction, in the uphill direction, keeping the bike in sixth gear the entire way. If that doesn't mean much to you, maybe robsalvv might drop into this thread and comment on this point.

    All depends on how hard you ride. Being gentle on the throttle, the 675cc triple will average around 5L/100km commuting around town, and will get as low as 4L/100km over longer distances at highway speeds. Absolutely caning the pants off it everywhere in the twisties will net a worst of around 8L/100kms. If you're not trying to be conservative about town, expect around 5.5L/100kms, or around 320kms to a tank-full.

    Sorry for harping on the point of the 675cc triple motor, but it really does break the mould and challenge a lot of perceptions in terms of what it achieves as a super-sport capacity motor.
  10. I agree with bambam_101, I think a 600 is more than enough if you are commuting.

    I ride an R6 (have had it for about 4 yrs) and do a fair bit of commuting myself. I rarely get any higher than 3rd or 4th gear.

    I've thought about upgrading, but can't think of what a litre bike would give me that I don't already have...maybe if I started doing track days that would be a different story.

    I will eventually upgrade, but I think my next bike will be an 848.
  11. You'd definitely have to ring a 600's neck LESS than what you have now.
  12. Anon sounds like you want something reasonably torquey.

    I agree the 600s are pretty gutless in that you have to work the gearbox to get instant go. Fun when you're in the mood but maybe not so helpful if you're just riding to work.

    Take the Triumph 675 for a test ride, they're supposed to be grunty for a "600".

    Otherwise, there's no substitute for cubes. Consider a bigger bike - not the full on sports bikes, they sound like more than you need. Maybe a Speed Triple or Z1000 or similar?