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Another VTR250 learner on the road

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Whitey, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. After getting my L's on the weekend the hunt was on for a bike. Had settled on a VTR250 (see other thread). I had been looking and checking them out well before I got my learners, that being I didn't have to waste even more time after getting my permit. Found the bike, deposit paid, pick up on Saturday.
    2006 VTR250. 6300k's. Red/Black frame/Gold wheels. Crash knobs.
    Watch out carparks. Another practicing learner is coming


  2. Watch out carparks


    Welcome to the two-wheeled world
  3. Grats, and a good choice of bike.
  4. congratulations have fun out there, and post bike pics of the new ride before the mob comes for you :grin:
  5. Excellent!

    If it hasn't been said before, get some good insurance and get riding (with all the gear too!)
  6. Congrats Whitey !
    Nice colours - safe and happy riding to you.
  7. Congrats Whitey !!
    Watch those speed humps :p
  8. Congrats Whitey. :biker:

    Nice choice of bike. I've got a 2004 model in the same colours as yours.

    You're going to love it.
  9. Great machine. Have a 03 VTR250 at home, same colours. Was great to relearn on after a 12 year break. Given it to the missus after upgrading to the Monster.

    Ride Safe
  10. Welcome :p
  11. hey mate!
    top choice.
    im on number 4 :LOL:
    hope you enjoy em as much as i do :grin: :twisted:
  12. well, if you're insurance costs get cheaper... or was that excess? :p

    nice choice mate, enjoy it and take care :)
  13. UPDATE: I have the bike at home now. Got a mate to ride it back for me. Not sure what this weather is doing (first time out will NOT be in the rain) but need to wait until the weekend sports mum & dads go home for the carpark to clear. Bring on the public holidays and no sports.


    And yes I will get photos soon....
  14. just make sure u check out your carpark properly first.
    back when i was practicing u-turn/slow riding/braking etc, i went to the local Bunnings carpark, nice and big.
    just alot of the parking spaces had a fair bit of oil/shit that had been dropped by cars on them.

    find a clean carpark, and you're set :grin:
    i find carparks at night make for entertainment for security patrols too :p
  15. care to give us a piece by piece break down of the $11k damage to VTR's?
  16. great choice of 1st bike, I had a blue one......you coming on Tuesday to learners ride? :D:D
  17. All I can say is for a first bike VTR250'5 ROCK!!!! Weather cleared up after dinner but the local sports ground carpark was still full. We live in a quiet court so gear on, bike out and up and down the court we go. Went around a few of the next streets (also quiet) trying out stop/start, braking, slow turning and the likes. Ventured out to some of the other roads around the area to include roundabouts and a few estate intersections. It's an area I know well as I have lived around there for the last 10 years. Gives you a lot more confidence first time on the road knowing where the blind corners or low visibility intersections are. Surprisingly I felt fairly comfortable on the road. Still had to keep reminding myself to keep my upper body relaxed as well as canceling indicators a few times.
    All up it was a brilliant first ride. Totally enjoyable. Would have been out longer but the wife may have thought something had gone wrong so went back.
    Will be back out tomorrow if the weather is OK. Don't know if I am up to the L's ride yet but hopefully not too far away. Just got to 60kmh tonight and that does feel quite fast at the moment.
    See you all out there very soon.

  18. You'll get there mate,
    Dont worry soon you'll feel like 100 is not enough! :biker:
  19. well if you need someone to go on a quiet ride with you look me up (assuming I live close) or there are loads of people on here i'm sure will be happy to help. The L's ride is pretty good but wait until you're fairly confident :) c u there soon, I just upgraded so i'll be there testing out my feet on the new bike :)
  20. Made the most of the daylight savings change this morning. Body clock still woke up at the same time, but it was 1 hour earlier. What to do with a spare hour and the sky already light? Straight out on the bike (with all gear) cruised around the local estates for a while, ventured out onto a short straight on the main road and built up speed a bit more. Probably saw 6 cars all morning.
    Got MUCH better things to be doing other than sleeping an hour longer!!!
    Can never have too many practice rides.