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Another VTR250 battery problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dekkar, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. Hi guys, Ive been reading through the previous posts and see there are a few VTR250 battery issues! I used those posts to create a diagnosis of sorts, but wanted to confirm my thoughts.

    I got the multimeter onto the battery while it was in the bike, and it was measuring at about 9.... which I know is a problem.

    The bike hasn't been ridden in a few months, and I have had the problem probably for about a year!

    I have replaced the R/R, which I thought was the problem, but after charging the battery to around 12.3v, the bike just click, click, clicks when I turn it over..... While its clicking, the multimeter goes down as far as 3v...... The lights and dials all go dim as well.

    I just took the battery out of the bike and bought it upstairs, and now its reading 11.9v......

    While the bike is running (after a jump start), the battery charges at around 14v..... So I presume the R/R and stator are OK, and the battery just isnt holding a charge anymore?

  2. YUP
    Shot the battery - get a new (and charge it before running the bike) and you'll be good for another few years
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  3. Yes. you need a new battery.
  4. cool.... thx for the confirmation guys..... willl order one today.
  5. The previous owner had what looks like a generic battery in there. I'd want to get something that is of decent quality....

    Would the Yuasa YTX7L-BS be the battery of choice??


  6. Yuasa have a good name, you will have a physical size that the battery box can contain so you can't go up much. The Newer Lithium Ion batteries are much smaller with higher capacity but have a corresponding higher price. I am unconvinced there is any benefit unless you need lightness or reduced size in the Lithium for their extra cost.
  7. trade school teacher who is an automotive electrician said you can do for Li-ion battery or Li-polymer batter for car or motorcycle battery but it hasnt been confirmed with its lifecycle as long as what conventional Pb(lead) based battery.
  8. If you are going to go down the Lithium path there are a few things to be careful of
    • Short Circuits can lead to rapid heating of the battery.
    • Very cheap ones have no internal protection or Battery Management System (BMS). Overcharging of these type can lead to fires. Check it has short circuit protection and a BMS built in before you buy.
    • Don't use smart chargers that have a desulphation phase.