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Another VTR in Bris

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Cat with fleas, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. While I've been registered the past few weeks, I've been slack with getting into the Welcome Lounge. Just 'cos I've been cruising around and checking out all these awesome forums.

    I'm another VTR in Brisbane and although I've had my licence a few months - rides have been scarce (due to my boyfriends ride dying the same week). I'm lucky his dad is sympathetic (and likes me) so, between putting my boys bike back together, he and his mates took me up the Mt Mee roads last weekend. It might have been my only wet ride so far - but it was also my most confident by far! I've been on those roads a dozen times - but this was with "fresh eyes". Never in my life have I flung around those (or any) corners so hard. I had such an overwhelming sense of pride with how well my bike handled I spent the remaining six hours of the day giving her a thorough clean and polish.

    I'm interested in hearing everyone's stories, any upcoming day (or weekender) rides, advice and BS in general.
  2. Welcome Aboard !!!
  3. Thanks VTM! ...just for being the ONLY person to hit reply! :grin:
  4. hi and welcome to NR
  5. Hooray! Another Bris Vegas member!!! :grin:

    At least I'll be able to find someone to ride with when I finally get my licence, start Q-Ride on Saturday :LOL:

  6. Hi and welcome!!

    Haven't done the Mt Mee trip yet, maybe I'll see you on it soon!
  7. Hi Cat, welcome to NR. Great choice of bike. Enjoy!
  8. :LOL: Nice name. Welcome!
  9. Cheers

    Thanks for the welcome everyone! Hit me up if ya's organise any rides soon!
  10. Welcome in

    Welcome to NR.
    Nice to have another Northside Brissy rider into the fold.