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Another Victorian

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by suzukigirl66, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone
    Been riding now for about 12 years, started on a DR250 or if my bike had a problem, I would steal hubbys DR350 (what a great bike that was)
    Now riding a 2007 DL650. She had 14,600 when I got her as an anniversary present four years ago and I'm about to clock over 50k.
    Loving this bike and meeting some really great people

  2. Welcome to whacky racers on NR :D
  3. Howdy Sharon, welcome to NR!
  4. welcome aboard Sharon :]
  5. Welcome to NR...
  6. Welcome to Netrider, Sharon. There's a few V-Strommers here, join the gang!
  7. Welcome Sharon, hopefully your not too sore after riding that long
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  8. Hi Sharon and welcome to the site. I'm also a Victorian rider, so I might see you out on the roads at some stage. Nice choice of ride by the way (y)
  9. Hi Mavrik, I take it by your avitar that your on the great Ducati :) I always give a nod or a wave and I tend to talk to other riders (my Hubby says alot!!) but hey, riding bikes is great. I love my Strom and will be riding to the Hunter Valley in a couple of weeks
  10. I wish, I love getting out on the bike, it's my sanity saver :)
  11. Im hearing you