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Another vacant spot for Euro-Alps 2007

Discussion in 'VIC' started by FormerUser1, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. As things are tightening up and the first serious$$ are put aside for the Euro-Alps ride in 2007, there's been another pike-out.

    7 fixed and there's one spot to round the number to 8 (for various logistical reasons).

    In short:
    6 weeks, 8500km on hire-BMWs (650s-1200s), early Sept to late Oct.
    There's 3 in the group who speak the major lingoes needed, and 2 who know the Alps intimately enough to put together a true ride-of-a-lifetime.

    Apart from the 6 weeks off-work, there's also about $12k needed, total all up.
    This ride needs major prepping, so....it's now or never I guess.

  2. *robs bank*
  3. :D :D Good to have you aboard :LOL:
  4. I wish!
  5. heya glitch_oz,
    i'll put my hand up for that spot!
    have been keen do to such a tour for a while.

    (i'll send you a PM as well)
  6. WoWWW, another quick sale !!! :D :D
    Looking forward to Sat.
  7. Someone put the handcuffs on this guy :LOL: :LOL:
    (we all wanna go !!!! NOW !!!!)
  8. I'm too late and too poor it seems. :(