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another v star bobber project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by nevermorexvs650, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. bobbing my v star 650 courtesy of Destino garage and Blue collar bobbers! So I thought I'd start posting some pics while it's in the process. Got some black iso grips, Arlen Ness tear drop mirrors. Still waiting on some more parts to be painted(yes another v star matte black, but it looks so good :p) and getting some z bars made up in the US so they'll probably be another couple of weeks hmm might just install oem bars so I have something to ride but will post more pics as the project comes together

  2. what about two white bands running down the guards n tank?
  3. Nice one! Wish I still had mine. Interested to see how it comes up.
  4. Yeah I know it's a little more interesting having something other than black, I figure I'd try to go as clean as I can with the colour since I have to have certain things I'd rather not have(to make it legal). I am trying to get whitewall tyres but can't seem to match front and rear, Avon-venom have front sizes but not rear and metzeler-me880 have rear but not front. Think I'll get some of that whitewall tyre paint. Anybody heard anything bad about that stuff?
  5. ok so here are some more pics. I'm still waiting on z bars(pictured but will have black powdercoat) so just replaced original bars so I have something to ride. Pretty happy with it so far :D

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  6. And Jimmy, Yeah I remember how kick arse yours looked. would have been hard to give it up. Just love the bobber style!
  7. Looks cool. Are you planning to leave the white label/sticker on the tank?
  8. no that picture is actually before I swapped the tank over, tank is all flat black