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Another Upgrade Suggestion Thread

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Popollo, Oct 24, 2013.

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    I've finally decided to go start test riding bikes this weekend and have a few in mind:

    Kawasaki Ninja 650
    Triumph Bonneville SE
    Suzuki VStrom 650
    Kawasaki Versys

    I'm currently riding a GPX 250 and looking to upgrade to my first new bike which needs to last me for quite a few years. I know I could keep the GPX but I'm ready to move on from it. I'm generally going to be using it daily to commute to work (normal and motorway traffic), the occasional run up to the shops, and the occasional adventure ride (no track days or racing). I'd like it to be easy / cheap to maintain. I commute in wet or dry and even if it is 2C outside when I leave in the Winter. I'd like to have some type of topbox fitted or more likely...a ventura rack/bag like I have now. I'm guessing my current seat bag should be able to fit most bikes.

    My initial thoughts without riding them:

    Bonneville: Great looks but no windscreen, higher CTP, maybe a bit large for occasional filtering but nice and low and standard. Less value for money but might be a better "keeper" bike for having for many years.

    Ninja 650: Seems perfect and basically what I own now in a larger capacity, looks great, good thin profile, $1000 cash back currently.

    Versys: Pretty much the same bike as the Ninja but taller and more robust suspension. However...it isn't the best looking thing and I'm not planning on any off-road or long distance touring. I'm not sure if the extra size would be noticeable when trying to filter if things stop. It might be easier to work on than the Ninja. $100 cash back currently.

    VStrom: Almost on equal footing with the Ninja in my mind and can adapt to to most things planned or unplanned. Not as good looking as the Ninja and quite a large bike for filtering from the looks of it.

    Anyone have any opinions on what I have said or something i might not have thought of or bikes not considered? I tried to stay clear of naked bikes due to the lack of a windscreen which comes in handy on the highway and to keep the list down in general. I know they can be added. Some bikes I discounted because of various reasons but happy to hear opinions...Kawasaki W800, Yamaha FZ6R, Triumph Street Triple, Suzuki GSZ650F / SV650F. I'd like to keep the cost after trade in capped at 11k.
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  3. Oh yes I remember that thread now from quite a long time ago. Reading things like that is what makes me consider the Ninja or VStrom more...they just work, don't cost as much, and have "more" in them. Maybe I'll just cancel my Bonneville test drive and tell them to have a street triple ready instead :). I have a feeling those are not as cheap to insure or maintain though.
  4. Your own descriptions of what you are after seem to have you leaning to towards the Ninja. It looks like it suits your needs and is what you really want.

    Hopefully the test rides sort the issue out for you. Try not to worry too much about the looks of the bike, you will be on it more than watching it ride past, and no matter what you will learn to love the look of it, so go with what feels best and is most practical for you.

    On the other hand, that last line of advise is usually 100% opposite to what we do when buying a bike. so what would i know.
  5. I always tell people to ride a heap of bikes and to buy the one they liked the most. To me it sounds like you liked the Ninja the most, so stop procrastinating and go buy it.
  6. If a Street Triple is what you REALLY want, bugger the insurance, get one.

    As they say in Glasgow, "You are a long time dead."
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  7. Naked bikes are fine for highways. I use motorways everday on my Street Triple R and before on my VTR250. No problems at all.
  8. Get an Aprilia.
  9. I rode the Bonneville and fz6r today. These were the first bikes I have ridden other than my GPX. Basically...I feel like I have been riding a toy for the past 2 years now. Nobody in town seems to have a Ninja 650 or VStrom to ride or buy until next week.
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    what the hell is a 650 ninja?
    i thought only ZXR's were ninja's

    anyway what do you want the bike to do specifically?
    what strengths do you want?

    all bikes are a compromise, so you pick the one that does what you want
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