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Another tyre topic...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Androo, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. after a particularly enjoyable trip to reefton, i now have big bald patches on the edges of my front tyre (BT-56). I'm thinking of replacing it with a BT-020 to match the rear. To me it felt like the tyres were sticking like glue, but I was wondering what everyone else thinks.

    The type of riding really is sport-touring - lots of commuting + mountain blasts.

    1997 Yamaha YZF600R
    Front tyre: 120/60 BT-56 (the bald one)
    Rear tyre: 160/60 BT-020 (heaps of tread after 6000+ kms use)
  2. Personally I would go for the shinko 009 sports touring tyre, but for a bit more grip the 005.

    The only people who seem to bag these tyres are the ones that aint tried them, The price may suprise you.

  3. I've never heard of them! I'll check them out. How would u say they compare to the bridgestones (if you've tried them)?
  4. Ive tried them all, as an ex motorcycle courier, and clocking up 2000 km + per week I was going thru tyres like no tomorrow. Shinko sticks good wet and dry and so far is wearing very very well. 17000km on the back and still going. The last dunlop what ever it was, didn't stick as well and only lasted half as long.
    the 009 as a comparesion I would put them in the same bag as the metezler MEZ4's maybe a tad better.
  5. Folma, how did the Shinko's 009 & 005 compare to Michy Pilot Roads re: wear & stick?
  6. thanks folma, I'll definitely find out more about them

    btw the website doesnt appear to have the 005, it had 006, 003, 009
  7. easy
    get a front that matches..the rear!
    BT020...great tyre
  8. well yeh i know thats the "right" thing to do, but i havent settled on a brand of tyre yet, so now would be a good time to change - rear will wear out soon enough
  9. Metzeller MEZ1 if you want it to stick like shi.....you know the deal.
    Oh did I mention you need to replace them after 5000km of commuting?
  10. ouch... 5000

    my rear has done around 6000 of commuting and has heaps to go
  11. dont suppose anyone has tried the "Pro-tech SP-11" that are advertised on here?
  12. i stand corrected.. pablos pointed out that i actually have a BT-010 rear

    also found out they cant get the shinkos for my bike :(
  13. Yep, got one on the back of Pepito and it's excellent.

    BT012 aren't bad either. Put one on the front in July last year and it's going strong over 18,000kms later :shock:

    It's scalloped pretty badly but there's still some tread there :)