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another tyre thread {belong in tyres not in general discussion}

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by dgmeister, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. I've got an R6 with michelin pilot-road tyres wearing down.
    but my bike is my only vehicle, and use it for all travel so both grip AND tyre longevity are important

    switching up to pilot-power tyres would be nice for grip, but how long do they last compared to the pilot-road?

    how does the grip compare, and how long does the tyre last comparatively?
  2. Re: another tyre thread

    **** longevity.
    just go the power pures for summer. on a hot day they are something special.
    and they're still fine in the wet, so long as it's not cold and wet.
  3. Pr3 are a great all round (pun intended) tyre.

    Good in wet and dual compound rear. And long lasting.

    Great feel , just not for use on big heavy bikes.
  4. Re: another tyre thread

    I just used up a set of battleaxe BT056 and they did 18,640 Km's. I changed over to the Sportmax Roadsmart 2 and the guy installing them said I will get better and longer wear out of those tires. The Battleaxe aren't duel compound, and in no way am I recommending them, but depending on how you ride, I'm being told that all tires are pretty good now. I will say this, when I rode on the roadsmarts for the first time, I couldn't believe the difference. It was confidence inspiring. I wanted the Q2's, but the shop was out of my size, and I needed them changed that day.
  5. Re: another tyre thread

    Buy another set of wheels & fit sports tyres to one pair, & touring tyres to the other if you're stressing about it. Everything else is a compromise. There must be a million crashed R6's hiding in wreckers sheds by now.
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  6. Re: another tyre thread

    haha, forget them. I've got them on my VTR1000, i've done about 8,000km on them and they are nackered.
  7. Re: another tyre thread

    the pilot-road rear has only lasted me pretty much the same!
    at about 8000km now and its about 80% worn

    i like the dual compound idea, have to look into the differences between the michelins
  8. Re: another tyre thread

    I use Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa's http://www.pirelli.com/tyre/ww/en/motorcycle/sheet/diablo_rosso_corsa.html and they seem great so far. My favourite tyre I have used - and I've gone through PR2 and 3's amongst others.

    They are dual compound so give you a little more life for commuting etc, but are pretty sticky on the shoulders and absolutely fine for the track etc.
  9. the differences between the michelins are very subtle, will try to post them here
  10. any idea what the compounds used on each or DG?

    for example are the compounds on the PR2's and PR3's the same but the 3's have more of the soft stuff?
  11. Re: another tyre thread

    +1 on this. I had PR2's before a friend at work suggested the roadsmart and I'm just about to purchase my second set. Unfortunately I haven't kept track of the range I've gotten but I do know it's been a while since I bought any. :)

    They're a seriously brilliant tire with surprising levels of grip on the sides, and they grip excellently in the wet.
  12. no idea on the rubber compound :(
    the rubber must be softer toward the left of the picture, different on each tyre.

    PP are single compound while
    PR3 are dual compound with softer sides

    because i commute and go to the track i was wondering about running a PP
    on the front and a PR3 on the back, would this work?
    get more grip on the front end and the touring tyre on the back?

    the soft sides on the PR3 go okay at the track, something stickier would be nice but.

    does anyone know of some good dual compound rear tyres?
  13. I wouldn't do that, the front tire would wear down quick while your commuting, do to the camber of the road and you will be changing it out a lot. furthermore, I personally wouldn't ride with two different types of tires on. The front and rear tires where made to work with each other, you don't really know how things will go. I suggest two sets of tires, Track tires, and commuting tires. Honestly, how often are you going to be going to track days????
  14. i rad a PP on the front and a PR2 on the back for a while... i didn't track it but i found the wear on road was pretty even.
  15. how did that tyre combo work out for you trd2000? details..
    how was the PP?

    my thinking is i would like:
    More confidence and grip in the front end is always good for cornering and more effective for braking.
    I feel tentative on the front end in corners with the PR2 on there

    PR on the back because of the dual compound (harder centre) for commutering
  16. got Pilot powers front and rear

    they are a bit stickier than the pilot roads, but not too much
    (the powers were cheaper than the roads because they are the older model)

    the front end is more responsive, and can trust it a lot more

    the rear tyre has worn rather fast with track days and i can see the tread indicators coming

    WHAT are some better tyres???
    maybe i would try the dual compound power 2ct

    but might try another brand