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Another totally self-indulgent Hornet post

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. Today marks the 36th anniversay of the day my lovely Mrs Hornet said "I do" and sentenced herself to a lifetime with me; I am considering recommending her for saint-hood :LOL:.

  2. Not a bad effort
  3. Conrats to u and the Mrs Paul, heres to another 36
  4. Congrats Paul and Mrs Hornet
  5. My parents celebrated their 30th last week. Congrats to Mrs. Hornet and yourself :)
  6. 36 years... top effort.

  7. Congratulations Hornet

    Was going to follow this up with a smart arsed comment, but decided better of it, so will leave it there
  8. In another decade I'll have been alive as long as you've been married. :shock:

    Congrats to both yourself and Mrs Hornet!!

  9. congratulations, wishing you many more happy years together paul
  10. congratulations! That's half of "for the term of your natural life!" :p
  11. Congrats to both of you. We hit 22 a couple of weeks ago, and plenty more to look forward to...
  12. Congrats Paul and wifey =D> im getting hitched in April. Hope the next 36 or so years are pleasurable for me as they have been for you:D
  13. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Hornet!

    I hope you took her somewhere nice tonight.
  14. Congrats to you both...Im impressed that you remembered your anniversary, I know a few men who forget every year and have very upset wives ..
  15. Congrats Paul, I beat you to that one last August. :)
  16. Well we know what you were doing last night.

    I'm off to cauterise the image centre of my brain.
  17. Thank you all for your kind wishes.

    Your brain should be safe because last night we celebrated the day with one of her worse migranes, and a very quiet, early night. That said, I am taking her out for a quiet meal tonight.
  18. Late Congrats to you both.
    They say the first 25 years are the hardest, so you guys must be having fun by now

  19. Dont forget the seniors cards for tonights meal Paul, times are tough these days :D
  20. I can't give you any realyly valuable advice, except to say that if you wife is also your best friend, and if you are always first to say you're sorry, and mean it, a lot of 'irreconilable differences' never occur :).