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another today-tonight: Caught on video

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Grendel, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. This masturbater is filming people from the side of the road. The video article is car based. but it's of interest to me as a bike rider, so figured it might be of interest here too.

  2. I thought you were allowed to cross the white paint to enter a turning bay...


    You can now only drive on a painted island for up to 50 metres if you are entering or leaving the road, or entering a turning lane that begins immediately after the painted island. You still must not drive on a section of painted road that is surrounded by double lines.
  3. Nothing to see here...
    None were speeding!
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  4. "The rider of a motorbike must not ride with an animal on the fuel tank"
    Where is my pet frog supposed to sit now? He loves it there because of the bugs. Hang on, even the bugs are prohibited on the tank now.
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  5. This guy seems to have a traffic violation fetish. He edited out the parts where he touches himself while standing there. Ooooh yeah run that stop sign, baby, oooh.
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  6. Good on him. It might make a few idiots drive a bit safer if they think someone is watching them.
  7. i like the bit where he singles out p-platers, the elderly and foreigners, because they're the only groups that drive like idiots.
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  8. Animals are most definitely allowed on the fuel tank. *small text* - in certain farming exercises -

    But what would I know? I'm just an L plater n00b that just did the course.
  9. Yeah, stereotyping of the most sensationalist type.

    Anyone recognise the locations? I'd love to pop down there and get his autograph.
  10. Oh yeah, I saw that video on redtube too.

  11. I'm going to follow him around with my camera and keep an eye on him, make sure he isn't breaking any laws and all that. It's all good, right? Nothing to hide, nothing to fear, amirite? I know I am, because I'm armed with a camera and I have a point to prove. :jerk:
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  12. Now he's gone public HE'LL be in the public eye. One of those special categories of road users (foreigners or P-platers) he's apparently targeting may just give him a hiding for his efforts.
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  13. Maybe, it's the "new" trainspotting, nerds walking around with little GoPro's hidden under their arm..........
  14. anyone know if the cops would have been able to fine those drives based on the footage or do they need to be present when it happens? or maybe the footage is too old?
  15. yep, someones going to put him down a hole
  16. I just love how today-tonight describes them as "P-Platers, elderly drivers and foreigners" because if you don't fall into that category you must be an awesome driver. Today-tonight, cutting edge journalism at it's finest.
  17. I wish I could remember where I saw this but a while ago there was some little nerdy boys that would go out and film the illegal street drags etc in south west Sydney. They'd send in their video to TT etc. well next thing all the car forums had their names and address published and yeh they gave up the game pretty quick.
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  18. That was the Today Tonight spin, wasn't it? The love playing on the populations xenophobia to pull in viewers. The segment's content had nothing to do with foreigners, but they just throw that on to the start.

    Those were some good examples of lazy driving but, to be honest, I didn't see many things that would present a real danger to any semi-aware road user (one exception was the drivers flying through stop signs). Interesting footage, but I would probably get a more shocking montage by going through six months of helmet cam footage. I'm more worried about the drivers cutting people off, merging in to people, illegally overtaking me on the right when I have my right indicator on (lucky I do headschecks in situations where it shouldn't even be necessary, eh?), etc.
  19. I think Old Paul needs to get a life rather then sitting on the side of the road filming people. If the guy really has that much time and wants to change the world join the police force and "Make a Difference."
  20. Its funny how hes targeting particular drivers.... P Platers already get the label of dangerous, hoon drivers.. its ridiculous.. not all of us are like that, i hate when people thing that because they've had their drivers license for many a year and think they're gods gift of driving.

    Perfect in every aspect, when they're not.. this bloke needs a life.. i see people from all ages,race,license category.. who can't drive or make stupid decisions.. just like right now the government/tac and car drivers are picking on us bikers.

    So we have the label of hoons,dangerous riders asking to be killed etc..

    How would you like it if i sat behind you all day with a camera and filmed all your law breaking/shit driving, get a grip.

    Today tonight and a current affair.. should be cancelled, they have so much shit they "report" on.. and anything to do with cars/bikes, they auto-assume the hoon or young driver mentality, which in turn the public lap up.. there's plenty more older people who get done just as much as the younger, but they never report on how many people get done for driving on their phone, or speeding etc.. but as soon as a p plater wraps themselves around a tree, instead of blaming the stupidity of the driver/rider they blame the whole lot of us.


    the guy should stop driving if hes that pedantic.. ride a bike for a day and film all the shit we put up with.