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Another thread from the annoying Ausfox

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ausfox, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. Hi, after months, actually feels like years, of sitting on and trying all the LAMS bikes if got it down to 2 base models.

    They are CB400 and GS500F

    I've sat on both but haven't ridden either and like the feel of both.

    My question is.

    Should I pick a second hand CB400 ABS or new GS500F.

    They are both in budget.

    Like the idea of a bike with a fairing for weather protection etc but think the boss (wife) would see ABS as a bonus.

    Thanks guys. This constant questioning will end soon.


    PS. I have a sore neck from watching in envy everyone riding when I'm stuck in my car.
  2. Hey mate.

    I went through this exact same thinking too. but, after riding the cb400, i knew that was the one for me. The smooth power delivery, and all round rider comfort sealed the deal for me. Now i haven't ridden the gs500, but i've been told by many people very reliable sources) they are very sluggish in comparison to the CB.

    But as everyone here will tell you, it comes down to personal preference - So jump on and ride both! All that aside, I'm very happy with my CB400
  3. Faired or non-faired, either way the bike will be made for all kinds of weather.
  4. I know the bike will be it's me I'm worried about. Ha.
  5. New Bike


    No-one else has ben flogging it, or neglecting it
    Full Warranty

    Chance of dropping it (even in your driveway, it always hurts more when the bike is new)

    Second-hand bike

    Whatever; ride it, learn on it, pass it on when you're finished.....
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  6. Thanks Hornet,

    Knew I'd get a great response from you.

    I think I'm leaning towards a second hand CB400 anyway.


  7. ABS. If the ABS kicks in it's too late

    Just buy the one that floats your boost