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Another thread about fork seals

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by pmcdermo, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Ok, well like many people on the forum who discover they need new fork seals, I was washing the bike at the weekend and noticed a build up of gunk on my left fork. Which was back on Saunday and again today.

    So I gave flywheels a call to ask how much it would cost to get them done and I was quoted $400 ride in ride out. Seemed a bit steep so I asked them how much if I brought the forks in off the bike. They said $300 so I get the feeling they dont want to do the job.

    I then popped into Beaconsfield motorcycles on the way home and was told if i brought the forks in it would be about and hours labour ($80) plus the seals and and dust caps...(About $35).

    I was thinking of tackling it myself but i dont have a rattle gun so I have decided to take of the forks and bring them in.

    Only problem is I dont have a front stand / head lifter and there is not centre stand on my bike. I just spent the best part of an hour trying to igure out a way to lift the front of the bike up to get the forks out and i am stumped.

    I had heard you can work some arrangment with a car jack and a block of wood but it seems a bit unstable

    Anyone have any tips? Or failing that could anyone in Sydney (city / east) loan me a front stand for a case of beer?
  2. Car jack and block of wood works OK if you support it possibly a rope or similar from the roof of your gararge for that extra stability.
  3. No roof unfortunatley, I work in the bike in the back yard so the only cover I have as a shade sail
  4. What sort of bike is it? You can usually use a scissor jack no problems without any rope. Leave it on the side stand and place the jack on the opperside side to the stand and as far forward as is stable (on an exhaust header or something like that is fine depending on the weight of your bike)

    That way the bike will be supporyed by three points and between the jack on one side and stand on the other and should be stable from side to side movement. Always give it a good shake before you take the wheel out, if its not stable its better to come down back on its wheel than once you pulled it apart.
  5. Thanks for the tip yamahahaha

    In the end I found a shipping pallet and popped the back of the bike up on a rear paddock stand then lifted the front and got a mate to slide the pallet and some timber under the headers, which held it pretty solid so I could get the forks off

    The forks are at the Beaconsfield motorcycles. Expecting a bill of about $120 so a lot cheaper than the ride in ride out price flywheels quoted

  6. Got the forks back today, $100 including part and labour. Very happy with the price
  7. OK, here's a (possibly?) dumb question:

    How do you realign the forks/front wheel arrangement when putting everything back together?

  8. slide them back up through the triple clamps to where they were before.

    you could measure it if you wanted before pulling it apart but usually its fine.