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Another Tassie Tour

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Michelle33, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. Just completed a 3 day tour - huge for me being a new rider. Improved me heaps though :)
    My little VTR250 did a magnificent job keeping up with her mates - ZX-14 and BMW R100.
    First day was Hobart to Strahan. Weather forecast had changed to possible showers - yeah right.
    Drizzle started at Ouse.
    Got to Derwent Bridge for lunch - it was overcast a bit chilly - welcome open fire here.
    It started to rain properly after this - we got to the stage where we had to open visors and ride with internal screen down in order to see. Anybody who has done this ride will remember the 99 bends into Queenstown - the road was running with waterfalls. As someone who finds downhill turns challenging - lets say this was a slow descent. But we made it down and into our accommodation.

    The owners of the cabins will have a shock with their power bill for that night I fear. We used everything (including hair dryers for gloves/boots) all night in order to dry our gear. Several other groups of riders did the same.
    Next day we continued up to Burnie. It was dryer, but patches of drizzle around. At the Cradle Mountain turnoff we decided to continue on the Murchison Highway to Burnie, instead of Cradle Mountain Highway to Deloraine etc as roadworks promised some muddy patches.
    The weather cleared the higher we went and from Burnie to Launceston we had sun.
    Stopped at Devonport for a rest on the grass in the sun lol

    Third day - Launceston to Home via East Coast. Big discussion on which road to use - a look at rain radar had us going down to Conara Junction (Midlands Highway), and then cutting across through Avoca, Fingal to St Marys. Lovely run, nice road - no wet !
    St marys.
    st marys 2.

    Then onto home. St Mary's Pass I actually enjoyed - it's downhill, tight turns. So I have improved during all the riding much to my joy. Continued down the coast enjoying stunning scenery and relatively quiet roads - running through Bicheno (still lovely sun), Swansea and Orford.

    All in all a lovely ride apart from the first day & a half of rain/wet roads. But got to say I have experience of wet roads now and it's not as scary as I thought it would be. I survived Gormaston Hill (99 bends) in the wet anyway!
    Just reinforced my decision to find a bike with a bit more torque/acceleration than the VTR to aid passing/speed out of corners to make it easier to keep up with the bigger bikes. (MT-07 ?)
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  2. Thanks for a good read.
    I done a 6 Day Tassie some years ago. It rained all Day from Queenstown to Hobart. and Yes, I left a steep power bill behind me at the Motel in Hobart.
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  3. Looks like you had a fantastic time, well done.

    Hope to make it down there at some point.
  4. I've driven Tassie in a car doing the B&B thing for a week. Would love to ride it.
  5. Do it MT-07, we have the best roads here. Just order some good weather. How are you finding the MT-07? It's on my short list.
  6. Thanks for the post Michelle, a great read and good on you for tackling the challenging Tassie roads as a new rider.
  7. Great reading, but damn, it's making me want the next 2 weeks to go quickly (boat to Tassie Friday 20th)... Got a week over there with family but plan to ride lots!
  8. We'll order up some good weather DonJuan
  9. The first 2 days look rain free (fingers crossed)... Will be hoping for good weather so the noob can learn some cornering skills.
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  10. I love reading these. I've heard tassie is great riding
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  11. ^^^ Great riding (apparently) and Targa sections are brilliant in a good, fast car that handles...
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  12. Definitely a ride on the bucket list.. Whats Tassie like in Jan/Feb , I expect it would be sunny and warm..
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  13. Best time for it. Starting to get a bit cold now, but still clear weather. Will start to get wetter in a couple weeks time. The rule of thumb is the weather turns to crap around the weekend of Agfest.
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  14. On my bucket list also. Fire up the Bimmer and check the joint out. Reckon it would need to be a late spring/early summer job.
  15. Thanks for the write up Michelle33Michelle33, nice photos too. Am looking forward to getting down your way again some time, and perhaps you'll have the MT07 and we can hook up for a cruise :playful:
  16. No worries Ned - still looking into getting the MT-07 lowered enough for me.