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Another Takamii Glove Review

Discussion in 'Gloves' started by murchy, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. So I've recently purchased a pair of Takamii's Gloves, for use as a summer glove, and am very happy with them. Thought I'd do a bit of a review. I don't really know what I'm doing, so I'll just write some stuff and hopefully somebody finds it useful at some point.

    First off, some pictures I took:
    (Apologies for the iPhone camera, it doesn't do the gloves justice - they are very pretty :D)

    Sitting on my desk, unworn - looking a bit flat as they are straight out of the box and not worn in at all.

    First time putting them on, hand is loose - fair bit of precurve.

    Bit of a close up of the leather, note the stitching is on the outside to ensure a better/more comfortable fit. I can attest to just how comfortable these gloves are - extremely. Stitching also appears to be high quality.

    Finger holder together thingy - safety first!

    Perforation between fingers - picture is of the right side of my 2nd from left finger on left hand - although you can't see it, the perforation is the same on the left side of my 3rd from left finger too - and the same in all the gaps between fingers - excellent air flow.

    The wrist tightener velcro thingy also pulls the top of the glove flat against your hand. Most gloves (my Alpinestar winter gloves included), are just velcro fed through a 'static' loop, these gloves not only pull the 2 sides of the glove together, but pull the outer and inner palm sections together as well.
    Not sure if this makes sense, but it works out giving you a MUCH snugger fit - extremely comfortable.

    Exhaust venting on the gauntlet section of the glove to assist airflow. Plus it's a cool thing to point out to people to show how high tech they are :p

    Some arbitrarily generated criteria I managed to come up with to judge the gloves on, in no particular order:

    Fit - 9.5/10
    Absolutely amazing, at least for my hand shape - which I'd consider normal I guess. Nothing more need be said. The only reason these don't have a 10/10 in this category is because I don't have enough experience with other gloves to know if they're actually perfect or not. In my eyes they are though.

    Venting - 8.5/10
    Excellent air flow while gripping controls - if your hands did happen to overheat on an extremely hot day, can just spread the fingers apart a bit to get what basically amounts to a flow of air all the way through the glove.

    Dexterity - 9/10
    Again, amazing. No issues at all manipulating controls. The snug fit of the glove means it may as well be a second skin, so there is no slipping of glove against skin when manipulating things like turn signals. Levers are also extremely easy to access.

    Looks - 8.5/10
    Personal preference really, but I think the white/black design is pretty ****ing sexy. I'd prefer less visible stitching, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make for comfort/dexterity's sake. Overall a very very nice looking glove.

    Safety - 10/10
    If you check out Takamii's crash thread, you can see for yourself how well these gloves stood up to a freeway speed grind against tarmac. They inspire confidence when worn.

    Build Quality - 9/10
    Gloves feel like they will last a very long time, not sure what else needs saying. All the stitching appears of high quality and just a generally well laid out glove.

    Takamii Customer Service - 10/10
    Perfect. I pestered him with emails for days, and was met with quick responses every time :p.

    Overall - 9.2/10

    Closing thoughts:
    If you need some new gloves, or even if you don't - get some.
  2. Great review - I agree with absolutely everything Murchy has said about these gloves. They really are an excellent purchase!

    A question for Murchy/ Takamii about the gauntlet exhaust: On my gloves it doesn't appear that any air will flow through this part. Can either of you confirm?
    It is a bit of a random question. The cooling on these gloves is great, but I'm just interested about this vent :p
  3. Im jealousssssss ... I wanna pair. Unfortunatly he dont have my side. But i can definatly vouch for the customer service aspect. I too pestered him via email and he was very quick to reply. Then got to talk to him on the phone and as a learner i definatly found him so full of informationnnnnn.

    Hopefully he may get more gloves in the future.
  4. i'm going to pester him very shortly :p
  5. I haven't actually felt to see if air flows through them, but at the minimum they function as a way for heat to escape.

    The reason why gore-tex is so popular in wet weather gear these days is because more old school waterproofing wasn't breathable at all. Even if air doesn't flow through my gore-tex wet weather gloves, jacket and pants, I don't feel like they're not getting any air. (If that makes sense)

    Perhaps it's something to do with all that :p
  6. are these gloves very similar to the alpinestar gp plus or is it just me?

    im after a new set of gloves after ****ing mine on the weekend so i might try a pair.
  7. What happened?
  8. Very similar to the Alpinestar GP-Pro. Very similar meaning the same glove but with Takamii customer service/pricing.

    Also hope you're OK!
  9. Thank you Murchy

    I am looking at doing more but have to change some aspects slightly to keep some other companies happy

    maybe put slightly different knuckle protectors on to them etc
  10. just throwing my race bike at the ground, just checking its durability.

    you know how it is.
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  11. This is what the new design will look like

    one style only - keeps prices low

    many may not like it but its a compromise
    to have affordable quality/functionality having one style gives me greater economies of scale

    have tried to combine the black/white and the black into a new pattern scheme

    I am also adding plastic palm sliders to the underside as well as about another 20% in changes to the design

  12. how many $$ are these gloves?
  13. current stocks are $86 delivered

    but only have about 2 large and 2 XL in black white ( different to above pic )
  14. Top review and I agree with everything. Takamii's customer service was unbelievable, ive never had that personal touch of the seller contacting me and making sure I received the goods. The glove was also excellent for the price, you would struggle to find a better product for 3 times the price point.............................highly recommended and crash proven by many riders including Takamii.

    I gave mine away to a mate after he stuffed his glove up in a crash, the Takamii glove was superb but I ordered the wrong size and couldnt return it because I crash tested it already lol :p.............................

    Again, highly recommended guys...................you wont be disappointed.
  15. some more pics of the prototyes currently being made







  16. Sex. :D
    Put me down on the waiting list for a pair of red and blacks (y)
  17. Hey takamii not sure if you are taking pre orders, but im down for a Blue black pair..Size md9

    Not that my current ones will be worn out , but .... like the look of the new ones..

  18. Hows the ventilation for us northerners? I am using dririders and they are nice and cool but lucky to last 6 months of daily use.

    How does one get a pair of the current stock in large? Takamii, i asked before but no reply, but do you have a website? Be nice to peruse your products.
  19. [MENTION=30531]Takamii[/MENTION] is normally all over this, but he may have missed it..

    try this thread here

    on 19th AUG his stocks were..

    As for the heat thing, I found them fine in the 34 degree weeks i have ridden in ..

    Lifting your fingers up to straight maximises the air flow through the vents to cool your hands right down..