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NSW Another Sydney Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ozlegacy, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. Hi guys an gals, another new rider here. Have ridden before when I was a kid but never transferred my license over when moving back to AU. So starting on my L's as a middle aged rider and wondering why I waited so long!

    I purchased a 2016 Yamaha MT-03 as my LAMS bike and so far loving every moment, only has 600kms on it so far so a bit tight but starting to open up with some more miles. Couple of basic mods so far, K&N filter and full Akrapovic carbon system. Have some spools on the way to help with maintenance etc.

    Looking forward to doing a cornering and braking course at the Creek in a few weeks time as well as I'm a big believer in learning on the track in a controlled fashion.

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  2. Welcome to NR
  3. Welome ozlegacyozlegacy :cool:

    Is that your bike in your avatar? Sweet ride :)
  4. Welcome to Netrider, and to the terrifying joys of learning. Pop along to the Saturday Learner's Sessions at Homebush; ozyoda and his crazy gang can give you lots of help!
  5. Welcome to the forum mate.

    See the planned ride for this Sunday if you're interested
  6. Welcome to NR...
  7. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and yes that's my bike in the Avatar before the Akra treatment. Can't go riding this Sunday there is a big cager race on at Bathurst I need to watch :cool:
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  8. heh heh, got to have your priorities right, eh? Somewhere I have a picture of your's truly watching the race in the next room at my daughter's wedding reception!!!
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  9. Glad to hear I'm not alone, it's a big day for us lots of hot wings on the bbq lots of cold beer and lots of sitting on the couch watching motorsport
  10. I'm sure I'm not the only one here who's watched the race, in whole or part, every year since it started being televised......

    Motorsport trivia question; when and what was the first live motorsport broadcast screened here in Australia, and did you watch it???
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  11. That's bloody impressive hornethornet. And welcome ozlegacyozlegacy this lot is alright. What day are you doing the cornering and braking course? I'm planning the advanced I on the 18th (not sure if I'll make it though) and will miss the cornering and braking one in November as I'll be away. Keen to get some more track miles under my belt next year though :)
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  12. I'm doing the 18th and will def be there, if I can I'd like to do the Nov one as well as its the 2nd course of the series, be good to catch up if your make it
  13. I'm guessing it might have been bathurst and I'm guessing early 70s and no I missed it :)
  14. Welcome Oz, keep an eye out for the events and join us on a ride soon
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  15. I'm being an old smarty but it was a lot earlier than that: in 1968 one of the channels took the US feed of the Indianapolis 500, in glorious black and white...
  16. Welcome ozlegacyozlegacy. Beaut bike! You'll have a blast clocking up the miles on her :)
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  17. 68 and early 70s is not that fair off ;)
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