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Another Sydney newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by mustlovebikes, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone, been riding for a little over 3 months, just gone onto full licence. Loving the whole riding thing. Been on a cbr250rr but it's off to it's new home this Saturday, so there will be another Sydney chick on a bike soon.

    Waiting on my new cbr600rr, cant remember being this excited about anything for a long while. Keen to get back up the Putty on the new bike.

    Looking forward to meeting many new people and riding many great roads!

  2. Welcome :)

    600rr, very nice choice. Sadly for me though I make them look like pocketbikes :LOL:

    See you around!
  3. welcome.

    come along on a ride or to one our coffee nights (Mondays at Randwick, alternate wednesdays at Terry Hills, ever Saturday arvo at Rouse hill and one in the South west somewhere) check the events thread.

  4. OK, so you've sold the CBR to a lady or are YOU a lady, or both? (Just asking, honest :)).

    Anyway, you've got to love being over 30 in NSW haven't you???
  5. yes I'm a...lady, well female and I try to be a lady! I have every intention of joining the social circles of netrider. Cant wait to meet everyone. I might be bikeless in between the change over...sigh
  6. hmmm...lady on cbr-rr...welcome! welcome!
    is it candy blue? :p
  7. Hi, and welcome to Netrider from another newbie. Been riding about 5 months and envious of your step up to the 600.
    Sorry you might be bikeless for a while, I'm sure you'll forget about it real quick it when you get the CBR.
  8. I would love one in Candy Blue!!!! want to sell me one :wink:
    The colours for the '08 are sad...red or black and the Ten Kate just doesnt do it for me
  9. I'm eye-ing the black one Sydney-City M'Cycles has in their Lane-Cove showroom, its '07 model clearance. Too many red-black in the market, so i'd pick the black one if i have the $$$. Look forward to see you in future rides soon.
  10. Im so excitied Im ringing everyone I know! So have to share it here....my bike arrives next week. A black '08 CBR600RR.
    Silly me took the demo Ducati 848 for a spin tho and that took at little of the gloss off the Honda....sigh.

    But alas, the budget doesnt stretch that far!

    I need some suggetions on how to make this bike look sex(ier). Polished rims ect..... Throw your ideas at me!
  11. firstly welcome,

    while polished rims do indeed look very horn, they are a bastard to maintain, go the simple way and get some rim tape fitted, really makes the wheel look a fair bit better, after that some after market bar-ends, a iridium screen, a nice tail tidy and of course the after martket pipes, a power commander III to get the mapping sorted and you will have one wild little beast

    then of course you have huggers, or aluminim chain guards, blingy braided brake lines, clear indicators and tail light lense (but i do believe te 08s already have clear lenses)
  12. yeah! Black! thats the one to pick... :beer:
    I'd chuck in dark-tinted screen or iridium to contrast the dark color.
    A HID headlights would look cool too. You'll see some examples of the done-up 600rr on the next Hrca ride.
  13. I will be on the ride to Kangaroo Valley....I cant wait!

    Im so excited I chose to stay home on Valentines Day just to log onto netrider!......well maybe I didnt have much choice :nopity:

    I am thinking of blue accessories for the bike
  14. For all blue & blingy stuffs >>> www.powerbronze.com.au , then select your bike model to see all blue stuffs available.

  15. Thanks guys!

    I will go with the rim tape. Looked at the reflective blue stuff from the UK. I need to curb my spending. Should I attempt the rim tape application myself?

    I have ordered the seat cowl ($411..!!!) and a steering damper (Ohlins.....I dont want to think about the price). Jamie from S & R Pro is going to do the power commander. Booked my Stay Upright advanced course so I can learn to actually ride the thing properly.... :eek:hno:

    And I thought horses were expensive!
  16. Jesus... $411 for a seat cowl?? Ebay people!! EBAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY! :LOL:
    Ohlins Steering damper?? Power Commander?? (insert intensive drooling here)
  17. :LOL:

    You're that much of a hoon that the standard HESD isn't doing the job!? :shock:
  18. yep sounds like a hoon.... :LOL: :cool: