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Another Sydney newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Krisby, May 27, 2015.

  1. Hey Everyone,
    I'm Kris from Sydney. I ride a Street Triple R. Interesting in joining in on some local weekend rides as at the moment I'm a lone wolf and losing motivation to get the bike out...

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  2. Welcome, where in Sydney are you? North, South etc.
  3. Welcome to NR...
  4. welcome aboard :]
  5. Welcome Krisby! A ride on Sunday has been posted up. :)
  6. Yeah, i can see the problem................................... ;)

    Welcome Mate!
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  7. Welcome Krisby, come join us on Sunday.
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  8. Inner west
  9. Ah. There's a few Netriders there. You'll get a few rides in for sure.
  10. G'day Krisby, welcome to the site. You're fortunate enough to be in a city where rides are aplenty especially with fellow NR members. Enjoy yourself and stay safe
  11. Welcome. I'm often available for weekend and weekday rides, but also prefer weekends away. No more Snowies runs until Sept/Oct but there will be a few Oxley runs happening over winter.

    Being in the inner West, you can head South for Kangaroo Valley and also NW for Putty loops.

    Send me your details and I'll get you some info. Many of our rides are organised between a group of Sydney locals outside this board.
  12. G'day Kris, welcome to the forum. No doubt there'll be some NR denizens who'll be happy to head out for a ride with you, you're in the right place.