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Another Sydney n00b

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by SpaceMonkey, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. HI All, another new rider here! Been meaning to get my bike license for a few years and finally got around to it last week, also picked up an old GN250 to use as a learner bike and tinker around with. The bike is a bit rough around the edges but it's roadworthy and runs/stops well so it'll do for a start at least! Mainly keen on having the bike to do a bit of commuting with and take on the occasional weekend ride down the track. I'll start a thread in the mods/projects forum with what I want to do to the bike, I've got a basic tart-up plan for it already :)

  2. Welcome!

    Looking forward to the project.
  3. Cheers, get ready for lots of dumb questions and comically unrealistic expectations! Looking to do a zero (well, minimal anyway) budget cafe racer build with it, it's not the sexiest base bike on the planet but it cost me bugger-all so I figure it's a good place to make n00b mistakes, and from what I've managed to glean from others' reports the engines on the GNs are pretty much bulletproof.
  4. Welcome buddy. Good idea starting out with a cheap bike to learn on. I did the same. Went for a slide in the rain and repairs cost me nothing, picked it up and kept on riding. Don't worry about what others think about your bike. As long as your smiling that's all that matters.
  5. yeahhh ! fcuk other people and their views

    welcome mother fcuker
  6. Welcome, & whatever Crisis said but with less potty mouth words.