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Another Sydney learner saying hi

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by lautray, May 25, 2010.

  1. Am on my L's & just purchased my first bike: 2005 GS500. Only taken me 34 years to take the plunge :rolleyes:. Saying hi. Live in Sydney. Loving Netrider. Lots of useful info. Looking forward to going on future rides & meeting fellow riders. Getting my L's and riding is one of the best things I've done... the freedom :D.

  2. Welcome :D

    At least ya now know what it's like!
  3. Welcome mate, good to hear you are enjoying it.
    Where abouts in Sydney are you?
  4. welcome bud
  5. I'm around the Roselands area :).

    Went out for a ride to the Hills District this arvo... Loving the whole experience.

    One thing I've taken notice of in my infancy of riding: there's quite a speed differential between 80kmh that I do on the freeway versus 100/110kmh everyone else does. Can't wait to get off my L's, even for that reason alone.

    For the mature age learner, do they skip the red P stage & go direct to green P?
  6. Hmm, see you ride a gs500 like me. Don't be suprised if you're speedo is reading more that you're actually moving at. Very common with many motorcycles.
    I need to take 10% off my speedo for the correct speed.
    If yours is like mine, you're probably doing 72 when it's saying 80...
    And in NSW where L's are restricted to 80 it's quite a difference and could be dangerous in some situations.
    Had mine confirmed by following my wife on a Fwy and with a gps.
    Please don't asume yours is like mine and check it out for yourself.

    That's one good thing here in vic where all drivers can drive at the legal speed limit.
  7. Yeah man, I noticed that. When we stopped on the way back to Sydney from Singleton, my mate in the car asked me why I was doing 70ish on the freeway & I told him I was indicating 80! So found out that mine is approx 10% out too, checked with an accurate source, so now generally sit on an indicated 90ish for 80kmh speed limits.
  8. if your over 25, you will be on P's for 1 year then to fulls, under 25 is 3 years, have u ever tried doing the MOST test?
  9. I'm 25+. Not tried a MOST test. Would like to hook into one of those Sydney Learner Sessions soon though. Sounds like fun. It's a huuuuuge thread to read.
  10. Saturdays 1pm, bennelong rd, closed off section just past bicentennial park
  11. Cheers for that. Will definitely get to one shortly :).
  12. Welcome to the wonderful world of Netrider!
  13. G'day mate

    See you at Homebush if it ever stops raining

  14. And here I was thinking it would be a great time to start riding :rolleyes:. Can't last forever I guess. Friday might be be the pick of the next seven days: http://www.bom.gov.au/nsw/forecasts/sydney.shtml.
  15. I,m glad its raining this weekend so i don't feel like Im missing out on anything :)
    But i will think of you guys when I'm sipping wine at the Hunter valley :D

    Cheers Paul.
  16. Haha - Enjoy yourself up there Paul.

    Fun Ha!
  17. Welcome lautray. Another new rider here, though I've got 10 yrs of age on you, so don't feel too old to start. I've noticed heaps of GS500 owners here. How are you finding it? Mind me asking how much you paid. I saw one in a shop up here last week - an 05 like yours and they wanted something like $6K for it - seemed a bit steep to me. I might have considered it if it was a bit cheaper.

  18. Congrats on the new bike!
    Welcome & enjoy :grin:
  19. Hi John, I paid $4k for mine in a private sale, with ~25k's on the odo & 6 months rego . Is in pretty good nick, with the odd scratch here & there though. It's up for a couple of new tyres & a major service shortly, after doing a bit of research & a ring-around, although they are not close, looks like I'll take it to Lloyd Penn at Artarmon to get the work done.

    So far, loving it. Before getting the GS500, was having the odd ride of my mates 199x Honda Rebel... The GS goes like a scalded cat in comparsion, & I do prefer the GS' riding position & how the gear lever & rear brake fall naturally to the feet.

    Now I'd like to pre-order some nicer weather... Just can't get out for a ride with all this doom & gloom around. Going to go out & buy one of those DriRider wet-weather suits so it's less of an issue I reckon!

    And how good is Netrider!! Cheers for the welcomes blokes :).