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another surprising doco

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by D Stump, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. on lifestyle [thats right, i was on my way to sbs]

    worker's from hell

    carers for the elderly, we've all seen it but this one hurt to watch. it wasnt drastic, just that there was audio and you could here the demented woman protesting when the carer was wiping a towel over her face as if she was trying to scrub bird poo off a statue.

    then she put talc in her mouth, and the other carer laughed.

    you want to know what the carer said outside court?

    "god is worthy of worship!" 3 times


    an x nun of all things got a job in a catholic school that had been privatized. she was shocking to the kids and no one challenged her. she was in charge of the money and stole 80 thousand pound of which went on jewlery etc

    many people commented on camera. one man said

    "its when good people chose to do nothing. thats what did the most damage"

    she said things to the teachers such as

    "good teachers dont need text books"

    the students were robbed of a higher quality education. it wasnt until the local council took over the school that she was caught

    she had several radio interviews and she said this

    "i just want people to see what its like in this imposible position. i did not do any of this and it's so imposible to prove"

    stump it out! :cool:

  2. Do you watch too much telly? You will go blind doing that!!!!
  3. I bought an orange for breakfast today.

    It didn't have any arms and she said, don't worry the oven will know how to fix it but you'll never guess how the modem reacted when I said it's feet were too small.


    I think sometimes a shopping trolley would help.]


    I'm almost sure sure you're trying to tell us something Stump, but I have no idea what that is? Are old people being mis-treated, are school teachers using their brains rather than text books or is it just a case of uni students taking over public broadcasting again? :)
  4. Seany, you need to use your imagination sometimes, to get the best out of this forum
  5. MGrog wrote

    no i dont, hardly ever. i popped it on twice today and got docos! i love a good doco

    cheers :cool:
  6. Talc? Have you not heard of the new kero baths that's been all the rage this season in the hopsices?
  7. what was the deal with that? did the media blow it out of proportion [if kero had medical reason] because it would take effort to use kero instead of water. if you're going to bully someone you wouldnt put em in a bath of kero. it just doesnt make any sense. can someone enlighten me on this?

    these shows have a purpose. some people have arsehole parents and need this info to send them to the most 'fitting' of homes :LOL:

    stump it up! :cool:
  8. It would take a fair bit of kero to fill a bath. Your crabs would be gone though
  9. :LOL: ^ good one!

  10. PMSL
  11. The kerosene was used to treat scabies if I remember correctly. :wink: :)
  12. Seany wrote:
    bogus wrote

    you laughing at him or with him bogus? i dont recognise what seany wrote from any film and if it is then im mistaken [still havent seen much monty python :LOL: ]. anyway, if u are laughing at him its best to ignore cause of the T&C

    not that its the same but i use to baby sit a special boy who said things that were spacey and illogical and the best method was to ignore him rather than laugh at him. the only time we let it go was when he was with his special friends.

    cheers :cool: