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Another sub-optimal ride to work....

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Miraz, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. Had a lovely ride into the city today, traffic was light, filtering opportunities were plentiful, avoided Spit Junction by detouring through Beauty Pt....couldn't be better, until I got into the city...

    ...Being air cooled the GS doesn't like spending lots of time going nowhere in traffic, so I'm used to it getting a little grumpy occasionally so I didn't think anything was amiss when it started running a little rough and idling badly.....then I start smelling fuel.....then the smell starts getting really strong....and I look down at a stream of fuel running down the side of the hot engine block and start to feel very uncomfortable sitting in my cloud of petrol vapour next to a bunch of office workers smoking on the pavement.

    Needless to say, it didn't get ridden any further today....caught the bus home, and recovered it using a trailer...
  2. Oh no :( Where was the fuel coming from?

    The GS500 is rather easy to strip down. Try and take a look, the fuel lines from the tank are short so you need to disconnect them before you can lift the tank away - just remember the fuel will drain out :p
  3. :(

    sorry to hear, G! hope all fixed soon - i know that bike means a lot to you.
  4. Sucks doesnt it... the more you ride it, the more often something will break! I get that too...

    Hope its nothing too bad... not familiar with air cooled's so no idea what might have caused that heat wise...
  5. The fuel seemed to be running out of the bottom of one of the carbs, so I'm guessing that something wasn't put together right after they were rejetted....stopping the engine shut off the fuel flow at the petcock, so at least it is safe if the engine isn't run.

    Will drop it off with the mechanic that did the carb work in the morning...
  6. Could be from the work done, but more likely IMHO to be a bit of shit in a needle valve. Have had this on my GS and fixed it by turning fuel off, opening carb drain until carb totally empty, then setting tap to 'prime' and letting some more fuel run through. Close drain, all good!
  7. I think that's probably right...after bouncing around on the back of the trailer, the fuel leak was gone.

    I had a bit of flat spot after the rejetting that was going to require some adjustment of the needle anyway, so dropping it back to the workshop needed to happen regardless.